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Okorocha has conquered Imo people including the elites


The Governor of Imo state Owelle Rochas Okorocha appears to have gone haywire and almost becoming uncontrollable with his actions and inactions these days. 

He is now less considerate to the plights of Imo people especially with the recent massive and not too important demolitions going on in different parts of the state in the mist of excruciating hardship. 

From Amakaohia/Akwakuma road to Mbari street and to MCC road etc, it has been demolition, demolition galore leaving behind wailings, cries, homelessness and hardship to the affected people.  

Our Governor obviously has nobody challenging him in the state any more. The opposition is almost dead. 

The House of Assembly has been emasculated. The Elites are nowhere to be found. 

The Students, Artisans, market women and the public have accepted their fate with an unprecedented calmness and equanimity. 

Generally speaking, Imo people are now a conquered people. 

The Governor does all he wants or wishes and nobody talks at least in the open the way they were talking and shouting during Ohakim’s time. 

In the mist of all the good, the bad and the ugly in the state, Imo People now appear desolate, dumfounded, tired, remorseful, disappointed and rueful.

More often, I get surprised and wonder what is actually happening in the state. 

At times, I ask: where are the Elites in Imo? Where are the Keke Riders? 

Where are those who were shouting: crucify Ohakim, crucify Udenwa?  

Where those who said  kill Jesus and leave Barabbas for them? 

I remember that Ohakim never did in 2011 half of the things that the present Governor is doing today and yet people asked for his head and his head was offered to them in 2011. 

Today, all that is history. 

Even Udenwa never visited the people of Imo or inflicted this level of injury in the minds of people like the present Okorocha government is doing. 

However, I recall with great trepidation and nostalgia how Ohakim was almost demonized, denigrated, castigated, insulted and  excessively abused  when he destroyed shanties and shop protrusions in Owerri.

But today mansions, Church Buildings, Houses, Fences, Lock up shops and vital monuments have been demolished and are being demolished with unmitigated alacrity presently in Imo state and nobody, I mean nobody has talked or is talking. 

Little wonder the Governor was reported to have told the world during the last event at Imo International conference centre (IICC) that Imo people are clapping for him even as he demolishes people’s houses and shops by letting loose government Bulldozers across the state. 

Why not? 

Perhaps for him, the present graveyard silence and docility in Imo state in the face of the government arbitrariness and insensitivity to the plights of the people mean clapping for him. 

As for me, I do not share in that warped belief as being erroneously asserted by my Governor. 

Imo people are grumbling, gnashing their teeth, passing through a lot of pains in their minds, facing extremely difficult times and some are even dying quietly. 

So your Excellency sir, they could not have been clapping for you as you demolish their properties as that would amount to a foolery for anybody to have done that. 

Rather what is actually happening in the state is such that should give every discerning mind concern. 

Yes, Owelle Okorocha is the Governor today. 

Of course he is very powerful, could appear very daring, may be operating unchallenged, may have amassed tremendous arsenal and wealth to fight anybody as the Governor and of course he may be too connected to whether the whatever storm but for how long shall all these temporary and Earthily powerful powers last! 

Does he care at all about the end point to all these inhuman actions? 

Does he realize that his actions no matter how plausible he thinks they may be are adding to the difficult times that the people are passing through presently?  

Surprisingly, Imo people seem to have ignored the Governor and allowed him to do whatever he wants to do as Governor.  

Nobody talks to him again. 

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