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Okorocha should stop blackmailing fellow south-east governors


*Also the hierarchy and the electorate*

The APC Governor of Imo state – Chief Rochas Okorocha, should stop blackmailing the South-East Governors and the South-East.

The APGA Think-Tank condemns Governor Okorocha’s self-serving summit, conveniently convening a meeting of South-East Governors to pretend discussing the recent barrage of protests, following the persistent marginalization of the South-East geo-political zone in political appointments, policy directives and material decisions by Okorocha’s political party – the All Progressives Congress (APC). 

We, at the APGA Think-Tank, condemn the actions of Governor Okorocha in using blackmail tactics to summon the South-East Governors to Owerri, Imo State. Given above presentation, it would seem as if any Governor that is not present at the meeting is against the present APC Federal Government. 

Total lies.

At the APGA Think-Tank, we ask the Governors to resist this elaborate deception. Okorocha cannot manipulate all of the people, all of the time. Enough of his diabolics. Okorocha would do well to point the searchlight in the other direction, and ask his Patrons at the APC, “Why?”. “My people” must have a reason to feel the way they do.

At the APGA Think-Tank, We will remind Okorocha that Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu are not the issue, but the blatant disregard of the South-East input in Nigerian National and policy affairs as sustained and condoned by the APC hierarchy. Governor Okorocha cannot pretend ignorance at the crux of the protests, and his APC party’s direct hand in fomenting same.

At the APGA Think-Tank, It is our contention that it is the Nigerian Federal Government’s approach to the concerns expressed by the South-East/South-South Electorate, as demonstrated across Onitsha, Asaba, Enugu and Port-Harcourt, and Aba that will make Nnamdi Kanu and Biafra the issue.

“My People, My People!”, He would clamor and beckon. We wonder which people Governor Okorocha is referring to, as only his relations populate the Imo State Government, and represent Imo State interests with the Nigerian Federal Government. Such blatant nepotism led to the current protests across the South-East.

“As you make your bed, so you lie on it”, the axiom says. Okorocha was there when the current APC Government was blatantly sidelining the South-East Electorate in appointments to sensitive and strategic positions in the country. Okorocha cannot plead ignorance to the South-East sentiments. Representation in the policy echelon matters to the South-East electorate because they – the South-East electorate,  are present and interwoven in all fabric of Nigerian economic and social marketplace. They must be present at the decision-making table. The last statement is non-negotiable.

While not trying to be apologist for the Imo state Governor, The APGA Think-Tank notes that Okorocha himself has innate understanding of South-East issues. Okorocha realized this lopsided discrepancy in his party’s presentation and its implications for the APC political lifespan in the South-East.  Governor Okorocha  would spearhead a move to the President pleading for the Senate Presidency, or the  Secretary to the Federal Government, amongst other meaningful positions to be allocated to the South-East, to assure some decent presentation by his party to the South-East electorate. Okorocha even staked whatever goodwill he had left with the South-East electorate to verbally state to all within earshot that the Buhari Government would treat the South-East well. 

Whither the promises?, Governor.

Rather, Okorocha would personally gain from his people’s marginalization by  being made the chairman of the APC Governor’s forum. Okorocha would further be  included in President Buhari’s entourage to America, and further submit his in-law’s name for Ministerial appointment. The Senate just passed same. At the APGA Think-Tank, we ask, Wherein lies the spread and benefit to the South-East electorate, if only Okorocha’s family are the only beneficiaries? 

The South-East is way past this Chicanery. That it is good for the Okorocha family, does not mean it is good for the South-East.

Well-meaning Igbos cried out against an emerging tendency by a despot they had known too well 31 years ago.  Okorocha will demean their approach and rather beat his chest in triumph, as one with access to the power that be. Careful now! The President himself unfortunately hardened his heart and grew deaf ears to a third of the Nigerian population. Not good.

President Buhari must understand that where a child persistently points at, if his mother is not there, his father is. 

At the APGA Think-Tank, we will remind the President that The South-East has witnessed 50 years of Nigerian policy and leadership marginalization since 1966. We will also remind Okorocha that he is a direct beneficiary of the fall-outs from the civil war, and the South-East/South-South attempt to not be marginalized in Nigerian politics. Okorocha would recall he campaigned in Ojukwu’s name, conscientious sentiment and euphoria to gain power at Douglas road. 

Okorocha cannot bask in betrayal of his benefactor(s). It is anathema.

Okorocha cannot for personal gain and ambition turn a blind-eye to the South-East marginalization in the National polity, but rather place himself in comfortable reach with the authorities of the day as their accessible conduit.

We would remind Okorocha that, power is fleeting.

At the APGA Think-Tank, we condemn Okorocha’s tirade against the South-East electorate whose actions he has labelled as “regrettable”. We beg to differ. What is regrettable is Okorocha’s presentations on behalf of his electorate, who gave him their vote as the representative of a conscientious sentiment which Okorocha would betray. 

Okorocha cannot make the South-East and it’s electorate look bad, so that he will look good. 

Sabotage has never had a better definition.   


Policy Directorate


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