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Oligbo Joins The World To Celebrate World Environment Day 2020

Calls for synergy between governments at all levels in the conservation of Nigeria's rich and vast biodiversity resources

World Environment Day (WED) is celebrated on 5th June of every year. UN Environment Programme (UNEP) announced Colombia as the host for World Environment Day 2020 in partnership with Germany. The theme of this year’s celebration is “Biodiversity” and “Time for Nature”. World Environment Day is also known popularly as “People’s Day” to show People’s care and support for the Earth and their environment.

Amidst Coronavirus pandemic that has disrupted the world order socioeconomically, politically and otherwise, Hon Amb Ike Oligbo, UN Peace Ambassador and Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) gubernatorial hopeful for Anambra 2021 has in line with WED’s 2020 theme called for synergy between governments at all levels in Nigeria in the conservation of the country’s rich and vast biodiversity resources.

In a chat with Safe Earth Advocates (SEA), an Aba based environmental Non Government Organization (NGO), Oligbo emphasized that with the dwindling fortune of oil across the world including Nigeria as a result of Covid – 19 pandemic disruption, Nigeria running an oil and import dependent economy must embark on immediate serious diversification of her economy base to agriculture as the fastest route to economic recovery from the pandemic.

He therefore said that this year’s WED’s theme is timely and cogent because a vibrant biodiversity is the key to food security and socioeconomic growth of the country.

Oligbo recalled that biodiversity featured prominently across many of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). They contribute directly to human well-being and development priorities.

Globally, nearly half of the human population is directly dependent on natural resources for its livelihood, and many of the most vulnerable people depend directly on biodiversity to fulfil their daily subsistence needs.

It’s against these backdrops that Oligbo calls for synergy between government at all levels in the conservation of Nigeria’s vast and rich resources insisting that this is the quickest way forward towards economic recovery from covid – 19 disruptions.

In his closing remark, Amb Oligbo disclosed that in solidarity with UNEP, his Foundation will collaborate with SEA in the planting of 2000 trees in both Abia and Anambra States before this year 2020 runs out.

This he said will help in local realisation of some of the objectives of this year’s WED theme – “Biodiversity” and “Time for Nature”.

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