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Olisa Metuh, Badeh, Ors: A Peep Into Justice Abang Court

It goes like this:

Badeh: I want to travel abroad to be with my family for vacation .

Abang: Really ? Granted ! You can go on vacation abroad.

Badeh: Thanks my Lord , let me head to meet my family for vacation abroad .

Badeh is facing #3.5billion 14-count charge while Metuh is facing N400million seven count charge which they have denied wrong doing


Metuh: Here is medical reports , I want to travel abroad for correctional surgery .

Abang: No No No !!

Counsel to Metuh : My client needs urgent medical attention .

Abang: I said , No ! If he can’t get that here , then sorry about that .

Metuh: this my medical issue has been on for more than 10 years and my file at National Hospital can attest to that .

Abang: I said , no way !

Doctor: My Lord from my examination , the man needs medical attention .

Abang: I said am not granting his request !

Nyanko: I know I am facing N29billion criminal charges , but I want to travel abroad for Medicals.

Abang: Oh His Excellency  , you need to be alive for us . Permission granted !

Abba : I want to travel to go and see my family abroad my Lord . I have missed them so much .

Abang : You are one of those facing 29billion charge ?

Abba : Yes .

Abang : Permission granted .Greet your family for me .

Another : I want to travel to Mecca for hajj sir .

Abang : oh really ? Pray me while you are there .

You request is hereby granted !

Journalist 1 : Hmmm but the same judge had allowed Nyako that is facing over #20billion charge to travel abroad ?

So why is Olisa Metuh case different ?

Journalist 2 : It is becoming Obvious that there is more to Metuh case than many think .

Journalist 3: OK just look today again , the same Judge allowed a man that is facing charge far heavier than that of Metuh to travel for mere vacation abroad ! Can you imagine ? But they won’t allow a man that is physically and medically certified sick to travel for medicals .

Take notes of these points :

(1) Badeh wants to travel to on vacation to abroad to see his family , he requested for permission to be allowed to travel before Justice Abang  and he granted his request one hand !

(2) Olisa Metuh has been medically advised to seek for correctional surgery abroad by several medical professionals mostly from some of the Nigeria’s best Medical Institutions .

Metuh has been to Justice Abang court severally with medical reports seeking to be allowed to seek medicals abroad , Justice Abang keeps turning it down .

Same Abang that allowed Badeh for unlimited Vacation days abroad ?

Same Abang that allowed Badeh to travel to see his family , rejected a medically satisfied request to travel for medicals by Metuh !

The same Justice Abang that allow people facing criminal charges far bigger than Metuh own to travel for issues likes : To see family, vacation , religious related issues , hajj, etc ?

Do you still ask if Justice Abang is biased on Metuh case ?

Olisa Metuh who must not be allowed to travel , has NEVER held Govt office unlike Badeh and others that he always grants their request to travel oooo

Many believe that Justice Abang is playing APC script based on how Olisa Metuh who was PDP Spokesman confronted Buhari led Govt on policy issues as the opposition spokesperson . Initially I did not believe this notion ,but events in Abang Court has proved me wrong !

Olisa Metuh who has NEVER held Govt office cannot be Nigeria’s problem in anyway that is if we want to solve one .We know those that has been controlling Nigeria Leadership since 1960 till now and can locate Nigeria Problems there !

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