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Olisa Metuh Vs Jafaru Isa: When EFCC fails corruption/political test


Why did associates of our President that celebrated the arrest of General Jafaru Isa as means of telling the public that Buhari don’t spare friends, went dumb when he was released 8 hours later without even charging him to Court?

In less than 8 hours of his purported arrest, Jafaru Isa was released from EFCC custody while Olisa Metuh has spent 6 days in EFCC detention

For Six days now Metuh has been in detention , while Jafaru was quickly released 8 hours after he was arrested .

Olisa Metuh is The National Publicity Secretary of PDP and the voice of opposition to Buhari led Federal Govt.

Brig. General Jafaru Isa (retired) is APC Chieftain and close ally of President Buhari. In fact he was CPC Governorship candidate of Kaduna State when President Buhari was the CPC Presidential candidate in 2011.


EFCC accused them to have benefited from NSA fund.


Jafaru Isa:

Jafaru Isa was invited by EFCC but he disregarded their invitation. He never honoured the invitation.

He was arrested on Wednesday last week by EFCC on issue that border on NSA fund , but 8 hours later , they released him!

Olisa Metuh:

Was never invited and never disregard EFCC invitation.

He was arrested on Tuesday last week. EFCC is yet to charge him to Court till this minute since his arrest!

While Jafaru Isa who is close ally of President Buhari was released within 8 hours even after insulting EFCC, Metuh is still inside EFCC cell!

It is of note that Olisa Metuh has been detained beyond the limit stipulated by Section 35(5a) of the constitution.

And this is a violation of his guaranteed personal liberty under the law.

Now the questions to EFCC are:

 Who ordered the release of Jafaru?

 Is there a different law or constitution used for different people by EFCC considering Olisa Metuh and Jafaru Isa issue?

 Is it true that it was Aso Rock that ordered the immediate release of Jafaru?

 What is the justification of continued detention of Olisa Metuh even without charging him to Court by EFCC?

 Is keeping Olisa Metuh in detention meant to stop him from raising his voice against the govt as NPS of opposition party?

 Why did associates of our President that celebrated the arrest of Brig. General Jafaru Isa as a means of telling the general public that President Buhari don’t spare friends , went dumb when they noticed that he was released 8 hours later without even charging him to Court?

 Do they have any justification to holding Olisa Metuh up till this minute without charging him to Court?

 Are they using Media as Court of Law against Olisa Metuh in order to cage him from raising issues against Buhari-led Federal Govt?

The point is that those that think that this is about Olisa Metuh will wake up to find that EFCC selective approach and their analogue with poor idea methodology on its mandate has ruined the Nation’s democracy.

If you think that it is about Olisa Metuh, then you have to wake up.

The approach ought to be:

Allegation – Investigation – Gathering of evidence – Arrest/Invitation – Charge to Court.


Arrest – Detention – Searching for Evidence – Charging to Court.

EFCC as presently Constituted should be Reeducated on Financial Crime Control/ fighting.

They should be overhauled and repositioned.

Continuing to hold on Olisa Metuh without charging him to Court on any offence shows that we are not ready to fight Corruption .

Entertaining Nigerians with big arrest is not fight against corruption!

Buhari can’t get the needed result with this type of people and their operation style.



Ikechukwu Emeka Onyia©2016, Nise, Anambra State.

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