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Olympics; Nigeria has irresponsible billionaires

Dear Dangote and other Nigerian Billionaires,

Did you watch the Nigerian team as they sweated it out against their Honduran opponents for the third place match?

Did you see our bench?

Are you not ashamed that it took a Japanese who does not have a single business interest in Nigeria to inspire our boys to the only medal Team Nigeria is coming back home in this Olympics?

Wealth is meaningless when you do not know how to expend it. Alhaji Dangote, you have more money than Dr. Takasu, but he has shown that he is richer than you.

These boys would have come home with the Olympic gold and Nigeria would have got more medals from Rio, if you guys had extended some help to them. 

Truth is; you guys owe Nigeria this.

You have enjoyed import waivers, done government contracts, stolen our subsidy money and benefited from the Nigerian system so much that sponsoring sports, the arts and other such areas is a debt you owe the Nigerian public, not an assistance.

We shall continue to hold Dr. Katsuya Takasu in higher esteem than we will ever hold any of you, till, and only if you will remember to encourage diligence, patriotism and talents, especially among Nigerian youths.

Did you also hear that our U-17 boys have been dumped out of the AFCON qualifiers?

The first time in our history! It is more annoying when we remember that all of you have the ears of those in power.

You can talk to our President and let him know that he is destroying Nigeria.

He is destroying our joy and trying to blank our future.

But whenever you find your way to Aso Rock, the National Assembly or any of the State Government houses, you only go their to negotiate a new import waiver, new contract, or find a way in participating in the looting of our commonwealth.

Dr. Takasu has sent a message to the entire world, that Nigeria has irresponsible billionaires.

He has also come to tell the world that the wickedness, lack of vision and mediocrity that has kept Nigeria in the lowest rung of developmental ladder are not to be blamed on the political class alone, but also on you all, who have refused to stand up for Nigeria.

Sorry Sirs, but shame on you.


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