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Omission of Soludo’s name from INEC list, national embarrassment — Nigerian lawyers

By Christian Aburime


A cross section of Nigerian lawyers have reacted to the judgment INEC relied on to omit Prof Charles Soludo name’s from it published gubernatorial candidate names for the November 6, Anambra governorship election

Majority of the lawyers who reacted after watching and listening to the detailed narration from APGA national chairman, Dr Victor Ike Oye on the press briefing he had with the media, described the entire process as a charade and a monumental national embarrassment that must not be allowed to stand in the face of the law

APGA national chairman had clearly stated that he was not joined in the suit that gave the judgment.

This is also beside the fact that there is a subsisting ruling from an Awka High Court directing INEC to accept Soludo as the substantive candidate of APGA which INEC choose not to obey but embraced the Jigawa judgement

Dr Victor Oye also clearly stated that after Soludo was legally and validly elected as the party’s standard bearer on June 23 in Awka, Anambra state, he was invited on July 2 by INEC to upload and submit the particulars of Soludo and his deputy Dr Ibezim being the candidates recognized by the commission.

This, according to Victor Oye was done and INEC ought to have published Soludo name and his deputy by July 9 according to the electoral law as amended but INEC disobeyed its own law and waited till July 15 after receiving the Jigawa court judgment

According to him, the Commission curiously gave ample time and opportunity for the people pushing the judgment to immediately fill in and submit their candidate names which the commission accepted without wasting time and immediately went ahead to publish

Some legal luminaries who spoke based on the narrative above asserted that the Jigawa ruling cannot stand the test of time. They advised the APGA leadership and Soludo to approach a court of competent jurisdiction to appeal the judgment and vacate the Jigawa judgement as quickly as possible.

Meanwhile, a lot of well meaning Nigerians across the country have also condemned the Jigawa ruling as a plot by some politicians to derail the nation’s democracy.

They called on President Muhammadu Buhari to intervene by calling on INEC to respect the electoral laws and conduct its business with integrity and openess!

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