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On 2019 General Elections: Nigerians, Not Yet Uhuru — Igbo Group


PDP, umuigbo well done for winning opposition standpoints and leadership advocacy!

Go out to vote massively come march 9, 2019 to reclaim nigeria polity

Igbo multicultural body, Ohanaeze Umuigbo (a.k.a. Ohanaeze Umuanyanwu) have reviewed the greatest tragedy in the Nigeria’s presidential and national assembly elections as held on February 23, 2019 and despite the final outcome with gross disconnect with democratic understanding, polling units electoral mandates and prevailing political will of the masses and its lopsided distortions that have seen packs of cards falling against popular expectations we cry for what is left of Nigeria.

This is last funeral of democracy in Nigeria, with June 12, 1992 on our mind; it cannot get better until a no-hold-barred conference of the ethnic nationalities are held.

On mass apathy snowballing from Presidential elections, rather toeing the part of those celebrating uneasy victory, if not hard to substantiate victories marred with nefarious electoral activities, criminality and killings and hauling castigations on those that stood their grounds irrespective of massive deployment of carrots and sticks security measures and tactics by the power that be and uncalled disapproval of Igbo’s political leaning during the presidential and national assembly elections by those who see not beyond their noses we frowned on the charades called 2019 general elections.

We urge, the good people of Nigeria not to give up on the last legs on the general elections – Governorship and House of Assemblies coming up March 9, to avoid democratic shutdown: since those who have demonstrate social capacity and upward mobility politics against totalitarian disposition and power of impunity in the country that have been elected/won during last February elections – irrespective of party or political divides highly needed our votes to complement their prospective democratic push and reclaiming Nigeria’s political space lost to masquerading democrats, NGO/Human rights/political activists businessmen and political contractors.

We are of the opinion that it is not time for apportioning blames, blame transfers, gnashing of teeth, making callous statements, or mocking the “assumed losers” but time for sober reflections and movement for deepening of democracy that amongst others, proffer formidable and credible opposition and challenge of the outcomes of fraudulent elections wherever it happens irrespective of party, involved.

Those seen toeing this way would be borrowing great leaves from president Muhammadu Buhari who had no culture of congratulating his opponent winner nor accepting results as announced by Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC since 2003 he entered political presidential contest – not even courts’ judgments have been accepted by him. .

Ohanaeze Umuigbo, have come up with the idea of congratulating Nigerians and especially Igbo nation for distinguishing their voice through votes cast and as well hereby calling on Ohanaeze Ndigbo and political parties not to lose sleep but brace up for March 9, 2019 governorship and House of Assembly elections to our deepening of democracy and taking the ReclaimNaija project more deeper and deeper.

We have won the leadership of the opposition standpoints and push for social capacity that would translate well to our calls for Restructuring Nigeria, referendum agitation and Self-Determining Conference, SDC

We commend the presidential candidate of the opposition party, Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and his running mate, Mr. Peter Obi and PDP for their dogged performance and as well commend them and PDP for opting to go to court to challenge the outcome of the presidential and national assembly elections instead of embracing violence – and would like to warn that it is not yet uhuru for votes robbers and celebrators of rape of free, fair and credible elections.

The party’s claims that PDP had all results sheets where they won at polling units and lost at INEC office should not be taken for granted and onus of prove lies on PDP and her sources. So, let the court order computation of the general results already cast that the mainstay presidential and national assembly’s results would translate victory to those whom the Nigerian electorate actually voted for, whether ATIKU OR BUHARI PRESIDENCY – let the judiciary do the needful. .

Assuming without conceding the present Muhammadu Buhari presidential results victory that its collated and announced results figures conflicts with that of international observers, Ohanaeze Umuigbo posit:

One thing in organized elective presidential contest is for one group to win the presidency, another to win opposition stance/leadership, and we on this note congratulate presidential candidate of PDP, Atiku Abubakar and his running mate Peter Obi and PDP as a party, Nwodo-led Ohanaeze Ndigbo; and entire Igbo nation for having won the later – opposition standpoints/leadership.

For COMMON GOAL irrespective of political and or tribal divide; We shall push for credible democracy, referedum and a no-hold-barred-Nigeria conference.

Again, not yet uhuru from wrestling power out of the hands of drunken leviathans. desolate and troubled north, overran Middle Belt, politically enslaved west, blood soaked east and silenced Midwest – it is reflection time: and to those celebrating uneasy victory, tell us where stands Nigeria dialogue since 2015 and even in post 2019 general elections?

Meanwhile, we call on all and sundry to make their arguments for and against political parties and leaders issues based; and acknowledges also that President Muhammadu Buhari is not the enemy of anyone including Umuigbo but in the eyes of the storms.

We may be unfair, if we failed to commend Umuigbo who also worked for All Progressives Congress, APC and their candidates including Governor Willie Obiano of APGA’s Anambra state governance.

They are also our stakeholders in current Nigerian politics whereby the Igbo nation are missing in political radar of Nigerian nationalism (assuming it still exists).

Atiku and Buhari are respectively Fulani political leaders that went to polls for Nigeria’s presidency and if the Fulanis are not at war it is senseless for other Nigerians to be warring selves down. We should be ashamed of final political jihad that have seen all other Nigerian tribes helpless in not fielding presidential candidates.

We have to accept the outcome of the presidential election till court decides otherwise and there should nonviolence protests of its outcomes without resorting to violence. Let their be intellectual militancy with pulling the triggers because ideas are wealth and good for keeping political dates and right focus.

We also, commend the neo Biafra agitators for calling off the no-Nigeria election stance in Igboland until referendum is conduct to decide our political future as a wise one that saved us from the happy hangmen and trigger-happy murderers that would have as usual seen our streets littering with fresh and dried cakes of bloods and extra judicial killings.

That is emblematic proof of intellectual militancy telling well the social functionality of the maxim “Ideas have wings and no one could stop its flight when its time comes” courtesy Gen. Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu.

More so, we on this note submit that pro-establishment security men are no one’s enemy but victim of Nigerian system like every other Nigerian. We all are still trapped in the British colonial woods and need to walk our way out and until this is seen done, we are helpless citizens and nationals of the world living in abject poverty while blessed with plenty human and natural resources.

On war dastards’ war against Igbo Lagosians in Lagos every election including killings, maiming and destruction of property and business we see it as tyranny of the vociferous minority of Yorubas and their political contractors against the will of the silenced majority of Yorubas who also are still in the know that what faced the Igbo led Biafra 6 decades ago has come round and what kills the murder rat do not allow its children open eyes.

We find solace in Great Zik’s saying that “When a man behaves less than a man, pity him all you can”. Igbo nation unlimited we shall live suffering unwarranted necessary loss like the Jews but the argument for mass action and returning home is not ideal and like the Jews, we shall always treasure the gains of our worldwide everywhereness to the global rich of our Igbo African ancestry, cultural nationalism, black humanism,  modern and post modernism polity especially live pushing for ultimate human good.

Signed for Ohanaeze Umuigbo:

Mazi Okwudirichiukwu Okwuchiukwu

Director of Publicity, Ohanaeze Umuigbo (a.k.a Ohanaeze Umuanyanwu)


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