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On Buhari’s $32m Medical Bill In Britain In 6 Weeks – By Collins Ezebuihe


Which British hospital bill will exceed $500,000.00 for treatment that does not include any known surgery –even if the treatment was done in ultra-expensive US health system?

The man Buhari, president of Nigeria, likely went on a bribery binge, using scarce Nigerian money, to gain support from Britain to continue his Fulani agenda. 

After all, Russian oligarchs bribe all manner of people every day in the same Britain, unreported and unperturbed.

Since this Nigerian/British medical scam was never exposed by British media, nor did British journalists tell where Mister Buhari was hospitalized, we must now conclude that the British media is an arm of its government and that the BBC is a dead news organization. 

After all, it was once censured by Mrs Thatcher.

Anyway, given that it is impossible for a single individual and his entourage to spend Thirty-two Million US Dollars under 6 weeks for alleged medical treatment, we must assume that the money was used for bribery. 

After all, Ibrahim Babangida lavished Billions of Dollars of Nigerian money on Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC), when Nigeria is not even an Islamic nation. 

So, what is $32M compared to the Billions Ibrahim Babangida lavished on OIC? A lot of that money was said to have been routed through Britain.

My summation therefrom is that any British Member of Parliament and perhaps its Prime Minister that is not rich by now, as a result of possible bribes from Mister Buhari will never be rich again in his/her lifetime. 

Interestingly, since Buhari has been making repeated trips for “medical” treatments to Britain, the British government has been changing its position on Nigeria –including being opposed to re-structuring of Nigeria, but in support of an Army constitution (not made by popular vote and citizen participation, that clearly flies in the face of decency.

The British nation is now a 3rd world nation and should be ashamed of its conduct –particularly meddling in Nigeria affairs the way it does. 

The same trend may also be unfolding with France, in reference to Nigerian matters.

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