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On Buhari’s second-term plan and Ohaneze Ndigbo executive meeting in Enugu

If Buhari’s second-term plan, which his wife Aisha hinted us a month ago during her interview with BBC Hausa news and which some selfish cabals are seriously working on to impose Buhari again on Nigeria was tabled during Ohaneze Ndigbo Executive meeting held in Enugu recently; Ohanaeze leaders, youths at war over 2019 Buhari Presidency; I must ask: who has bewitched Ohaneze Ndigbo? Are these people truly Igbos?  Do they have eyes to see, ears to hear and any intellect to reflect on what is happening to them since the amalgamation of Nigeria.  

Ohaneze Ndigbo and their Youth Wing did not talk about the massacre of Biafran youths, the rampaging of villages and framers by Fulani herdsmen, the heading of a 60-year Igbo woman in Kano and all the five be-headers were acquitted by the judge, the kidnapping of young Igbo girls being married off in the North, the destruction and strangulation of Igbo businesses in Nigeria – among other political and economic atrocities against the region.  

They say Igbo people are doing well all over Nigeria – I ask: where and in which Nigeria when millions of Igbo youths are jobless and graduates are traders, taxi drivers, and bus conductors; thousands are fleeing Nigeria on daily basis and millions already on exile.

I do not have better words to describe the insanity and stupidity of Ohaneze Ndigbo than to use the words of Jesus to his Jewish brethren – especially the religious and political leaders of his day (Pharisees and Sadducees).  

Jesus described them as:

Snakes, brood of vipers, hypocrites, blind fools, full of greed and self-indulgence, whitewashed tombs – who look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of dead men’s bones and everything unclean, who kill their true prophets while neglecting the more important matters of the law – justice, mercy and faithfulness (Matthew 23:13-39).  

I believe Jesus’ deep disappointment and angry words aptly and correctly describe the Ohaneze Ndigbo today.  

Regarding the prickly issue of Buhari’s second-term in office; how can any Nigerian with any sensibility even support this failed ruler again?  In his 2-year presidency, he has destroyed Nigeria’s fledgling democracy and ruined the economy. 

According to Bloomberg today, Nigeria’s economy is depressed – that’s deep recession with high inflation.  Buhari’s myopic monetary policy has killed Naira and forced hundreds of companies out of business.  Today, many foreign businesses and investors are divesting their capital expenditure and investing elsewhere out the country. 

Famine, hunger and starvation are everywhere and cost of goods and services have skyrocketed.  In fact, the Senate said recently that the President has no plans to get the economy out its current deep recession. Suicides are on the rise due to debt and inability for many to provide for families.  Crime, corruption and immorality have rapidly increased.  Under-age Igbo girls are now married off to Alhajis and Northern men for survival.

Additionally, Buhari has sharply divided Nigeria with his lopsided appointments and ethnic hatred toward Igbo people.  The man lacks basic skills of democratic leadership and governance.  He lacks the ability to galvanize the nation with no sense of national cohesion and inclusiveness at all.  

He has also bastardized the judiciary and legislative arms of government.  Government repression is rampant – with no free press and media freedom any more.  Free speech is under assault and people are being arrested, tortured and even killed for criticizing the President or his government.  Executive lawlessness, rascality, repression, nepotism, cronyism and even corruption are rampant.  

Personally, I have received a number of threatening emails and phone calls from yahoo boys working for the president.  But I cannot be cajoled or silenced.  I’ll continue to write and speak-out against injustice and for freedom, liberty and purposeful leadership as long as God gives me breathe each day.

President Mohammadu Buhari is a total disaster to democracy.  And for some selfish individuals to be wishfully working to impose him again on Nigeria in 2019 is the height of conspiracy to finally destroy and disintegrate Nigeria.  This is a president that may be forced to resign or impeached because of the thousands of Biafrans, Shiites Muslims and thousands of innocent Nigerians that have been massacred under his 2-year autocratic administration by DSS, military, Police, Boko haram and Fulani herdsmen among other crude means.  IPOB, IMN, Amnesty International, Intersociety, etc. and several human rights groups have filed severe and damaging reports against Buhari/APC government.

I have lost all confidence for Ohaneze Ndigbo.  This group is simply selfish and greedy group.  These are terrible folks willing to sacrifice their offspring, land and future for the crumb that Buhari has given them or promising to give them – while the major stake of crude oil running from their back-yard are used to enrich people in the North and SW.  

Ohaneze Ndigbo – click the link below and read about a true and courageous leader. Mr. Kanu has been promised everything – money, oil well, and probably big position in government, etc. to regain his freedom and renounce Biafra – but he refused.  The freedom of his people is more important that all those material things.  Freedom is a precious thing.  

Biafra: I won’t give up fight, vows Nnamdi Kanu

Biafra: I won’t give up fight, vows Nnamdi Kanu

It is time Ohaneze Ndigbo wake up from their slumber and seriously rethink their future in Nigeria.  ‘One-Nigeria’ is simply a myth concocted by the British and sold to the North to deceive, marginalize and enslave former Eastern region.  

Frankly, the North do not believe in ‘One-Nigeria.’  The moment America, Britain, Germany, etc. oil companies find crude oil or some vital natural resources in the North, ‘One-Nigeria’ will be discarded.  Then Igbos will be forced to go their separate ways or be enslaved and Islamize if they want to remain in Islamic Nigeria.  

All those northern rulers – like Gowon, IBB, Danjuma, Atiku, etc., are preaching One-Nigeria because they own the crude oil wells in your backyard.  Isn’t it ludicrous that a man from Nasarawa, Sokoto, and Kaduna, Niger State, Ogun State or somewhere outside SS/SE region owns the crude oil running at my backyard?  

While I suffer every day to make ends meet, their children and family members are living at large with the wealth of the crude oil running at my backyard with all its pollution and environment effects.  And when I speak-out, they send military men, Fulani herdsmen and Boko haram jihadists to massacre us.  And when our so-called Igbo leaders are giving the crumb of it, they sell-out and even assist the northerners to kill their own family.  What a travesty and cursed people.  

This time, we must be liberated.  For Igbos or any Biafran who want to remain Nigerian, can always do so by relocating to the North or SW – after the restoration of Biafra nation.  We cannot continue to live in a failed and cursed country ruled by war-mongering Fulani who believes it is their birthright to rule Nigeria forever.

—C. K. Ekeke

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