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On Dr. Ola Kassim’s Challenge to Biafra – by Harris Ukandu


“Nigeria has always done everything wrong and good analysis and respect have always evaded Nigeria leadership.” – The author

Nnamdi kanu

Quote “The idea of Biafra at this point in Nigerian history is like a lead -filled balloon which will never take to the skies even in a million years.” – Unquote

Dr. Ola Kassim,

What are you afraid of on Biafra and Igbo Freedom. As you wish, the will be no war and no blood but Igbos must be free. Igbos have fought once and Igbos don’t need to fight again to get their freedom from world most corrupted and retrogressive nation Nigeria with bad history. 

If not that a lot of people know you personally and do talk about your many positives traits in African, Nigerian and Diaspora community in Canada, USA and North America in general, by the statement from you above, I would have sworn that you are one of the corrupted, myopic and mentally retarded Nigeria leaders for Playing God almighty in your statement above.

Igbos will get Biafra without another war and blood for 8 main reasons I listed below, because Nigeria and Biafra have already fought war that lasted 10 years including the healing and  false reconstruction period. Biafra will become a reality sooner than you think. Just conduct a referendum and let’s see what the result will be. Biafra is now a consciousness and state of the mind and it cannot be defeated. It will outlast all Nigerian leadership including you, Obasanjo, Gowon and Buhari. Igbos just want a different country from corrupted and retrogressive Nigeria.

Even stable, advanced and great countries that are doing great things for their countries and people have not for once down played or disrespected secession agitators in their land. They try to have discussion and respect their views.

Great countries like…

(1) Canada and Quebec secession agitators votes.

(2) USA agitators -Texas, California, North West, Alaska, Southern Secession  agitators.

(3) Spain and Catalonia’s push for independence from Spain.

(5) Britain and Scotland secession votes and many more.

Also many of these agitators in Texas, Scotland, Spain and California etc. have TV and Radio broadcast networks about their activities, and no Government have arrested them or detained them for their freedom of speech and freedom of association. Go to Texas and California and see how organized for votes they are and still growing to secede . So what are you afraid for on Biafra. Nigeria and Buhari have made Nnamdi Kanu and Biafra more popular than normal. What is Nigeria afraid for on Biafra? Nigeria is a weak unorganized and corrupted nation that has no future from all the events that are happening now and in future. So, why Nigerian should live and suffer together forever?

 In Africa for example, Eritrea fought and died to get their freedom and independence from Ethiopia and they are succeeding and free today. Former Soviet Union break apart and today you have peaceful, stable, great, better prosperous  countries from Formers Soviet Union and they are:  Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

God has always proven Nigerian leaders wrong and dumb  over the ages in Nigeria history. See how Nigerian leaders played God before and Nigeria is still suffering for their myopic way of looking at events playing God like Dr. Ola Kassim.

(1) In 1965/1966 Biafra declaration, when the crisis started General Gowon and Nigerian leaders called it small police action needed to  stop the rebellion and crisis. Well it lasted for  5 years war and 10 years recovery and false reconstruction lasted  with 6 million Igbos and Nigerians  Killed, massacred and  genocide committed the first since ww2.

(2) When Niger Delta militant struggle started with General Abacha and Ogoni leaders. General Abacha called it a small irresponsible activists leaders from Ogoni,  and he rounded them up and killed Sara Wiwa and many of their leaders and Jailed many.  To the surprise of Nigeria, The international community suspended Nigeria in its mist and sanction was placed on Nigeria globally. Since then the militants disrupted Nigeria oil production and constant militant activities including many  killings, massacre at  Odi by President Obasanjo etc. Today Nigeria has paid more than 10 Billion dollars to the Militants communities and Nigeria is still paying billions of dollars to buy a fragile peace to all Niger Delta communities and all the Militants and there is no peace and harmony. 

(3) When Boko Haram started 7 to years ago, President Yaradua called  it the police action needed  to stop it,  but till today the Boko Haram insurgency is powerful and  have occupied once or another time 30% of Nigerian territory and more than  (30,000) thirty thousand Nigerians, Northerners, Cameroonians, Nigeriens, Chadians etc. have been killed  and Nigeria and west Africa have more than five million refugees and displaced persons all over west Africa. We now have Nigerian refugees in Abuja, Lagos, Kano, Kaduna, Maiduguri, and in Southern Nigeria; refugees from Northern Nigeria.

Dr. Ola Kassim, Let you and Nigeria myopic leaders continue wishing and dreaming in Nigeria corrupted  failed State of Mind. Nigeria has always done everything wrong and good analysis and respect have always evaded Nigeria leadership like it has evaded you. Continue dreaming and hallucinating in your disrespect of people desire to be free .

Ugo Harris Ukandu

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