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On Obiano’s Knight scam and e-rats online demonstration

By Odumodu Gbulagu

I have extensively read Obiano’s government and their futile efforts to cover the shame of taking scam to the Vatican.

The issue as raised by Elombah.com was not if he was a papal knight, but if the investiture was done by the supreme pontiff as they claimed.

They are yet to provide any picture of Willie and his brother knights during the investiture.

The truth of their online demonstration is that the precision with which I report what goes on in the government and even in the private life of the governor and how viral it goes throw them off balance.

Did you see any place where they disputed all that were said about Willie and his government?

Obiano’s e-rats failed to provide any picture of Willie and his brother knights during the “investiture”

They agreed everything said is true, and that’s why their primary preoccupation is the source of the news and sponsorship, but not the authenticity of every information dished out.

In other to even the scores, they manufactured account statements to make it seem as if they have successfully planted a mole.
Since Val has said he doesn’t have any Access bank account, imagine where desperation took them.

Another truth is that everything said about Governor Obiano is public knowledge which are verifiable.

  • Is Obiano not a chronic drunk?
  • Is Ugu export not a scam?
  • Is his airport not a scam?
  • Are the dilapidated roads not there for everyone to see?
  • Has he not plunged Anambra into debt of almost 150 billion naira and counting?
  • Did he not approve almost 1.4 billion naira for Christmas decorations?
  • We’re all the MOUs signed by him not lies?

I can go on and on. Even his commissioners exposed a lot more rot in his government.

The irony of the whole thing is that the DISPOSSESSED James Eze manufactures and give to the young Harrison who is expendable to circulate while he’s safely watching from afar.

They only send those manufactured things to Akpokue to impress him that they are working, and to extort more money from him.

We are going to take the exposé of the rot in our state to a level higher. Ndia amaro ka anyi si kwado!

They have succeeded in compounding Willie’s woes.

Nobody can successfully defend Obiano without looking stupid and sounding ridiculous!

Anambra is in ruins!

Addendum by Chukwudi Uzodike

Real Scam. Obiano has really disgraced himself. Even the Vatican have reaffirmed that what actually transpired was simply an Audience with the pope, and NOT a Papal investiture.

This is height of desperation and the worst of it all is that Victor Umeh and some of those people he invited to agree to this scam, including some hungry Anambra priests join him to perpetuate this falsehood.

Even his fetish wife—Osodieme is a white garment church member who attend prayer sessions in the night at Bar beach in Lagos with her church members.

Sometimes they even visit her at Government lodge at Awka, yet she will be wearing Scapular to deceive some gullible people that she is a Catholic.

Just as she is putting on Obiano’s green cape to drive the deception that she was jointly conferred as a Lady in the Catholic Church as her husband was conferred a knight.

This people have no limit to how far they can go to deceive the people and God. How can a man even attempt to scam God?

Obiano is not a human being but complete devil. What he has done is evil.

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