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On Peter Obi’s London Houses

By Ogbuefi Ndigbo


On Peter Obi’s London Houses – Valentine Obienyem

During several media programmes, Mr. Peter Obi said Onitsha was the only place he owned a personal house in Nigeria.

In an attempt to discredit him, some people are posting his London Houses as the much-awaited evidence that he lied.

First, let it be noted that the issue of having a personal house only in Onitsha is a matter of choice. If his life style supports love for houses, Obi can afford to have houses in the 36 states of Nigeria.

As for his London houses, it might interest you to note that he bought his first house in London in 1987. All the houses he owned in London were purchased before he became governor and were all duly declared.

I watched the video again, Obi was careful to refer to not buying houses in US and South Africa, Obi did not say he has no house in London.
Everyone who knows him, know Obi has a house in London, I’ve been there! It’s no secret.

So basically, Peter Obi bought property in the UK on 31/08/2001 or 1987- 5 years before he became governor? So basically you’re confirming what we said that Obi was a wealthy man before he came to office.

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