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On Problem Solving And Survival In Nigeria

By Augustine Togonu-Bickersteth


If you love solving problems perhaps Nigeria is the place to be- If you are between the ages of 18 and 35 perhaps the best thing is not to escape to North America or one of those places ., I believe that Donald Trump would turn out to be a blessing in disguise to the developing world so also so many other developed countries with their anti immigration policies . The Americans have no where to run.When they have problems they tackle the problems.

Have you heard about the American CAN DO ATTITUDE.? Of course I know Professor Bolaji Akinyemi famously said “We Are All Americans” . Well the sweat and Blood of African Slaves contributed to the greatness of America but we should be preparing Africa for a movement or relocation of African Americans To Africa.

In some families in Nigeria, .If as a child. you return home crying to your

Parents that you were beaten up by your play mates they urge you to fight back and they beat you out of the house. I must Confess my parents were not like that.This might explain why the Boarding House Students of those Days were referred to as the “real students”. The Rough Game of Rugby was invented in the Rugby boarding school here in the UK. Its been said Rugby Teaches you a lot about life and because Bill Clinton Played Rugby some felt it made him eminently suitable to be president of the united States.

Have you heard the saying ”May your road be rough”?

Take the second world War. The Americans were so concerned about the fighting prowess of the Japanese and the possibility of a nuclear weapon in the hands of the Germans. It was a matter of Survival and so the Americans rushed to develop the first nuclear weapon.In order to do this so many difficult problems had to be solved. Problems that had never been solved before and this is one of the reasons I have long had my reservations about studying past question papers or likely examination questions.. Your education should prepare you to solve problems you have never encoutered other wise what you have is a mickey mouse Certificate or a mickey mouse Degree.

Next month , Precisely on July 20 2019 the US would be marking 50 years of Landing on the moon.It was a matter of Pride. The Russians beat the Americans with the launching of the first artificial satellite in 1957 . On April 12 1961 the Russians sent Yuri Gagarin into Space.The first Man In Space..This was too much for the Americans The next Month on May 25 1961 Kennedy gave a challenge to the American scientists to land a man on the moon and to bring him back safely.At that time the scientists had no idea as to how they were going to do this but by 1969 they had successfully landed a men on the moon and brought them back safely They could not have done these if they were raised to solve” past question papers” or likely examination questions.. . when I look at Nigeria I am attracted to the potential in Agriculture and Agro allied industries.. It’s a Multi Billion Dollar Enterprise. J can see jobs being created for Agric Engineers, Technicians ,artisans , Craftmen., Managers, Supervisors , Marketing Men, Veterinary Doctors , Food Technologists, Secretaries, Lawyers,Accountants, Insurance Men, Jounalists etx

There was the Operation Feed the Nation,I was a part of that Operation as led by” Uncle Sege” other wise known as Chief Olusegun Obasanjo.. I like start ups like farmcrowdy and Crop2cash and I am also a fond fan of Blacksmiths never mind I did not represent them well in my August 18 2008 Guardian Article on Blacksmiths and Development . Awka in Anambra State home of blacksmiths is just like Sheffield here in the UK. Blacksmiths make more than Cutlases an Hoes and mouse Traps. I should have known better..

Blacksmiths make a whole range of things cutlasses, hoes, spades ,shovels garden forks. hand forks . rakes, axe, sickles mattocks knives crow bars,essential parts for weaving looms, tools for palm wine tappers etc and several items for the Royal Hose Holds

A lot of those Nigerians who read Mechanical Engineering as well as Metallurgical and materials Engineering should perhaps have been made to spend some time with Blacksmiths

Augustine Togonu-Bickersteth,London. England

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