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One million jobs/year: Soludo & his bogus APC-like promises

By Eneh Victor Chigozie


Dr. Charles Chukwuma Soludo’s bogus campaign promises are unattainable. The Isuofia man said he will provide one million jobs every year for one million youths.

This was the type of fake campaign promises APC was giving us in 2014. They promised one naira to one dollar. They also said pump price will be #40 per liter. On job creation, they said they will create 3 million jobs annually.

Recall that Soludo was a member of APC in 2014. He joined APC to ensure that Jonathan was defeated. So he was among their team that was churning out one fake promises to another.

Eneh Victor Chigozie
The author, Eneh Victor Chigozie

He has started again with fake campaign promises.

After dining with APC between 2014 and 2016 and saw the level of failure in all their campaign promises, Soludo ran to APGA in 2017 with a new slogan, “if it is not broken, why mend it.”

In 2018, APC invited him again to come help rejig the failing economy.

He was made a member of Presidential Economic Advisory Team. Yet the economy continues to get worse.

So when I heard him say, he will provide one million jobs annually if made the Governor of Anambra state, I know it is another scam.

How can a professor who couldn’t finish mother’s memorial hospital called Mgbafor & Mgbafor Memorial Hospital, Isuofia, provide one million jobs from where.

Mgbafor & Mgbafor Memorial Hospital Isuofia ought to provide at least over 200 jobs for ndi Anambra if not that Soludo abandoned it without accounting for the money his friends and colleagues donated for the said project.

Will the one million jobs fall from haven when Soludo is known for abandoning projects.

APC lied its way to Aso Rock in 2015, Soludo should not be allowed to lie his way to Agu Awka. He has no one million jobs anywhere to give.

When he was in CBN and head of Nigeria financial institutions, how many jobs did he give our people?

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