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Onitsha Fire: Why Is Obiano Fueling Crisis Via Media War?

By Eneh Victor Chigozie


Is Governor Willie Obiano paying his media aides per media war?

I am constrained to ask this question because these boys are always dragging the governor into media wars at every turn.

Even when there are no crisis, they generate one. They behave as if they are paid from the number of media wars they engage in.

Even when all igbos are sympathizing with the victims of Onitsha market fire and supporting the state govt in cushioning the pains of the victims, the governor’s media aides are more interested in generating crisis from the inferno.

Senator Stella Adaeze Oduah issued a statement on the fire disaster, they attacked her.

Mr Peter Obi visited Ochanja market to sympathise with the victims, the governor’s media aides are already calling him names.

Senator Ifeanyi Ubah was cheered by the traders during his visit, they attacked him claiming that the crowd that cheered him was rented.

They have equally abused Bianca Ojukwu for advising the state govt to do more in providing fire fighting services in Onitsha.

They are also attacking Ekwunife and other leaders for issuing statements on Onitsha inferno.

I therefore ask, are these aides being paid per media war? They are doing more harm to the governor. They expose the governor to attacks by creating crisis where there is none.

The governor would have sacked them, except he is comfortable with the unwarranted and unnecessary crisis they create for him.

Are they placed on commission on number of crisis they generate per month? If not, what will spur them to be attacking leaders who pay visit to Onitsha to sympathise with the fire victims.

Senator Princess Adaeze Oduah

What sin did Senator Oduah commit?

Gov Obiano of Anambra state has unleashed his media aides against senator Princess Adaeze Oduah, the senator representing Anambra north senatorial zone since the Onitsha fire incident.

What is the sin of senator Oduah against gov Obiano that all his media aides have activated their social media handle to attack one of the best senators in southeast?

Is Agu Awka angry that while the governor asked all those affected by the inferno to report to Ekwueme square on Friday, October 19, 2019, two days after the incident, senator Oduah was proactive and responsive to the cries of the victims.

While the state govt was still waiting at Ekwueme square, for the victims to transport themselves to Awka, senator Oduah who was touched by the pains of these victims quickly directed the wounded to go to the Saint Charles Borromeo Hospital & Holy Rosary Hospital, Waterside where arrangements were put in place to receive and treat them for free – that’s the sin of the senator against gov Obiano that his aides are everywhere abusing her.

2. In one of their write-ups against senator Oduah. They claimed that the Anambra north senator in her message after the fire incident accused the state govt of not providing adequate fire fighters at the market.

Let me reproduce the statement of Oduah here; “Incidentally, Ochanja market is a major source of huge revenue as poor traders are heavily taxed daily and one would have expected that a minute portion of these humongous funds should have been set aside to set up a functional fire fighting service with state of the art equipment to avert disasters like we are witnessing today.”

The above is another sin of senator Oduah against gov Obiano. She is been abused by Agu Awka media aides for asking why fire fighting services were not provided at Ochanja market despite heavy taxes collected daily from these poor traders by the state govt. Instead of bowing their heads in shame on their poor handling of the fire incident, they are out there attacking whoever had the gut to condemn the lack of fire fighting services at Onitsha that gives the state the highest IGR.

Again, while they are at Ekwueme square waiting for the victims who lost everything to come to Awka, Oduah made a donation of 3 fire trucks to the Federal Fire Service in Onitsha to ensure they are better equipped to avert future occurrences like this.

3. The donation of the fire trucks to the Federal Fire Service was another reason, senator Oduah is under heavy attack by Agu Awka. They wanted her to donate the fire truck to the state fire service.

Gentlemen, on what ground will senator Oduah donate the fire trucks to the state fire service? According to Hon Stephen Anigbogu, an aide to gov Obiano and Technical Assistant to the Commissioner for Transport who was pelted with stones and water at the scene of the Ochanja market fire disaster on Wednesday, he wrote that his boss, the Commissioner for Transport on getting the report that there was fire outbreak at Onitsha called the phone numbers of all the state fire service men and that all their phones were switched off.

The above statement is an indication that the state fire service is non functional. The fire service men are not motivated that they had to switch off their phones to avoid diaturbances from any fire outbreak.

Most importantly, it is despicable that the state govt could not provide fire fighting equipment at Onitsha with all the markets in the city where they tax the traders mercilessly. They want Oduah to donate the fire trucks to the state so it will be run down, the same way they ran down the ones procured by the Peter Obi’s administration that made the fire service men to always switch off their phones.

This is another statement from Oduah that’s peppering them. “I call on all those collecting funds in the form of various levies from these poor traders to step up their game so as to avert such avoidable disasters in the future. I have directed my team who have been giving me on the spot assessment to come up with a final report so as to know where and how we can come in to at least provide some succour for these hardworking men and women whose only “crime” is that the system they relied on, failed them.”

Yes, the system, these poor traders whom they are raping daily with heavy taxes failed them at the time the state ought to be readily availbe to control the fire outbreak that started from Upper Iweka down to Ochanja market.

Today is Sunday, the state govt has not done anything since Wednesday to assist the fire victims five days after the incident. Not even relief materials except attacking Senator Oduah.

4. The last offence Oduah committed to Agu Awka was leaving the Ekperima brand called APGA, moved to PDP, picked ticket and defeated them on February 23, 2019.

Eneh Victor Chigozie
Writes from Ogbaru.

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