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Only Supreme Court victory for Ogah will restore Abia lost glory

Ogah is the only man in whom Abians have confidence; if given mandate to lead Abia, deceit will end, infrastructure provided, salaries paid, businesses…

Recently, Abia State House of Assembly experienced a dimension of political drama that led the legislators to sacking it’s speaker and electing two different speakers within a space of twenty four hours. 

This was allegedly the earliest phase in the plan to enthrone Okezie Ikpeazu’s young mentor and son of the former Governor- Mr. Chinedu Orji, alias Ikuku. 

A source within the House Of Assembly, who prefers anonymity, assured that Chinedu Orji, who is also the leader of the state assembly, is being reserved to take over the most exalted position of Speaker of the state assembly, in preparation for a hot battle against Dr. Uchechukwu Sampson Ogah if the business giant and illustrious son of Abia obtains victory at the Supreme court. 

The reason, according to the source is because, if Ogah wins the Supreme Court case, Chinedu Orji would want to be at the helms of affairs of the state assembly himself so as to give heat to Dr. Ogah and possibly impeach him and his deputy, soon after their assumption of office. 

Consequently, it was alleged that the immediate past speaker- Bishop Kennedy Njoku, was coerced to resign barely 24 hours after assumption of office, to give way to the present speaker, Hon Chikwendu Kanu, who will be holding the baton for Orji junior. 

Chikwendu Kanu, who a highly trusted boy of Chinedu Orji, is meant to remain in office until there becomes the need for Orji junior to come on board, to display might and aggression against any other person beside (Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu) who emerges the chief executive of the state. 

Of course, this is another route Ikuku is taking to actualize his burning ambition of becoming the speaker of Abia house and subsequently the Governor of Abia, God’s own state. 

By this alleged plan, it can then be said that it has dawned on T.A. Orji, his son- Chinedu Orji and Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu, that the Supreme court will give justice to Abians after examining the main issue of false information surrounding the tax papers of Ikpeazu, for which a federal High Court in Abuja sacked the governor.

Unlike the Appeal court which avoided the main subject matter and pitched on technicalities. 

What else can be the reasons for the manner of political gymnastics that has befallen the state assembly and the entire state, recently?

Masterminds of the above alleged plan did not put into consideration the fact that over ninety percent of Abians have been fervently praying for the victory of Dr. Uche Ogah in Supreme Court, so the majority of Abians will not allow only a few selfish politicians to ruin the wild celebration that all Abians will be having if Ogah wins the case. 

Of course, with the manner of jubilation and celebration that will erupt in all streets and communities of the state If Ogah wins in the Supreme court, no state assembly member will have the slightest courage to talk about impeaching Dr. Ogah whom they all know, is loved by all and sundry. 

If the man of the people, Dr. Uchechukwu Sampson Ogah emerges victorious at the Supreme Court, his victory will avail us a new Abia. 

An Abia state where rascality, immorality and corruption will bow to patriotism and transparency. A state where our common wealth will not be devoured by a selfish few. 

A state where wickedness will surrender to Godliness. 

Such is our dream-state, to be piloted by Dr. Ogah if he, (by God’s grace) wins at the supreme court, in accordance with the prayers of all Abians. 

Yes, this is of course the prayers of all segments of the society: young and old, male and female, rich and poor.

Being visionary has brought the philanthropist -Dr. Uche Ogah this far, and this was what inspired him to be living such a patriotism-spirited lifestyle, hence his quest to occupy the government house of Abia state so as to restore the lost glory of the state. 

His kind is rare because our land is full of ambitious instead of visionary people. 

It was vision that made him to establish Masters Energy Group, which has done mind-blowing exploits in all spheres of the nation’s business community. 

It was the same vision and patriotism that got him to establish, right in his community, what will become the biggest multi-faceted petro-chemical plant and industrial city in the South-East. 

Uche Ogah’s kind, among patriots, is born in a kingdom once in every one hundred years. 

He is kind-spirited, a die-hard in honesty and obsessively addicted to passion for impacting fellow humans, especially the down-trodden. 

Of all politicians and leaders of thought in Abia and in all economic, social and political horizons of the state, we have never seen a man with his kind of heart. 

He is a non-tribalist; he is patriotic, God-fearing for-real and a true philanthropist. 

Ogah gives out heavily to individuals, groups, churches etc from 1st January to 31st December of every year. 

In his community and in many others across Abia, he built schools, hospitals, churches, recreational facilities, gave capital to young entrepreneurs and medical help to the sick. 

In some cases it costs millions for such local or foreign medical care. T

here is no Local government in Abia where he has not done any or many of these philanthropic decorations on the lives of people, communities or groups. 

He has even built several multi-million naira worth projects and outrightly donated same to states and federal government. 

Among them are:

– the State-Of-Art OGAH AUDITORIUM, worth several hundreds of millions (in naira), which he built for his state University- Abia state University; 

– the rehabilitation center he built for the Federal Government’s National Drug Law Enforcement Agency at Ogborhill Aba and many other such edifices too numerous to mention.

Every Abian or Abia-resident will tell you that Dr. Uchechukwu Sampson Ogah has been the choice of over ninety percent of Abians since 2013 when the 2015 gubernatorial tussle began till today. 

He is the only man in whom Abians have confidence, that if given the mandate to lead Abia, deceit will end, infrastructure will be provided, salaries will be paid, businesses will blossom, harmony will thrive and Abians will REJOICE. 

This is because he will launch the state back into the orbit of boom, bring back the lost glory of Aba, the Japan Of Africa and restore the dignity of Abians. 

Sir G. G. Godwin, Umuahia, Abia State; sirgggodwin@gmail.com


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