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Onnoghen: Falana, Cover Your Head In Shame ~ By Charles Ogbu

Listening to Femi Falana a short while ago, you’d be forgiven to think you were listening to a well known well paid but very intelligent Buharist pushing out a well prepared pro-government anti Onnoghen Agenda but in a more refined, subtle and coded way.

The horrible irony is, Falana executed his assignment with such diplomatic finesse that most people who watched him tonight actually didn’t get to understand that the guy man went to Channels TV to do only one thing:

Help the Cabal achieve their plan which is getting rid of the CJN. And which better way to do this other than telling the whole world that the CJN (Onnoghen) is too corrupt to head the judiciary and should immediately resign the moment Buhari recalls him, IF he recalls him.


Nigerian Lawyer and human rights activist, Femi Falana [SAN]
I give it to him. He’s smart. But I can see through his duplicity.

Human Right Activism died with Gani Fawehinmi. Who are the people who defended Buhari’s certificatelessness if not this same Falana and co?

Most of those folks strutting the media houses masquerading as human right Activists and defenders of democracy are actually defending either their stomach, their tribe, their religion or all of the above.

Not that there is anything wrong with this but you see people who speak from both sides of their mouth on straightforward issues, fear them.

Flee from them.

They will want to over-intellectualize even the simplest of issues until they are able to find a loophole to shift the blame away from the aggressor or if they can’t, they will find a way to share the blame between both the aggressor and the victim.

If they fail, they will device a means to over-analyze the matter until there is neither a perpetrator nor a victim. You sef go come dey wonder if your head bin dey correct.

They are experts in “False Equivalence”.

And make no mistake, the aim is not to balance the argument. Lie lie!! The whole aim is to obfuscate issues and shield the real perpetrator from blame.

If a girl is raped, they will be like, “I condemn rape in its entirety. I think the rapist should be punished but girls should equally be blamed for not dressing properly.

If a white policeman shoots a black man, they will go, “The white officer was wrong but the black guy is also wrong for not raising his hands on sighting the officer. He shouldn’t have challenged the officer on duty”

And if it was the case of a power-drunk head of the executive arm of government using an Agency under him (the CCT) to suspend the head of another independent arm of government in clear breach of the law of the land, hired mouth like Falana will be like:

“The President was wrong in suspending the CJN but the CJN was also wrong in failing to resign. The President should recall him but he should resign immediately”

In all of the above examples, there is only one guilty party each, not two. And they are the Rapist (the victim has absolutely no blame even if she was naked), the white police officer who used maximum force needlessly and the Tyrant masquerading as President.

Even more than the mad “King In The North”, our so-called intellectuals are part of the ills ailing this thing masquerading as a Nation.

For shame!

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