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O’odua Republic: Group condemns Akande, Olajide, Falana

A pan-Yoruba group has condemned the positions of some Yoruba people on the agitation for O’odua Republic.

In a press statement obtained by ElombahNews, APAPO O’ODUA KOYA, (AOKOYA) said those opposing the clamour for O’odua Republic are either agents of the Fulani caliphate or they are doing so for personal economic gains.

The group said another category of enslaved Yoruba people who oppose Oodua Republic suffer from ‘Stockholm Syndrome” and have become accustomed to suffering that they even love their oppressors and find it difficult to imagine the possibility of freedom from slavery.

“It’s the consequence of mental imbalance arising from multiple psychological torture of Yoruba people by the Nigerian State which has affected their sense of ethics, good or bad concepts and their judgment faculty.”

The statement signed by the group’s top official, Ahmed Akorede said the “faint opposition” figures shows that they are far from the overwhelming aspirations of Yoruba people.

“Pa Bisi Akande and Dr Kunle Olajide are blinded by electoral interests, perks and priviledges of office without any committment nor concern for the future of the long suffering Yoruba people.

The position of Baba Akande, Dr Olajide is a confirmation of how isolated political leadership is from the reality of the average Yoruba person.

“Their reactionary and provocative positions show complete lack of knowledge of their environment, disdain for facts of history and a naked abuse of the dignity of the Yoruba person.”

AOKOYA said what Baba Akande said that Yoruba would be in a state of war for 100 years is a wicked and deceitful assumption that has no historical precedence.

Its a game of psychological warfare designed to weaken the resolve of Yoruba people, AOKOYA said adding that the Yoruba people have nothing to lose but their chains.

“Baba Akande and Dr Olajide are saying that the Yoruba have no capacity to manage their own affairs. They undermine the knowledge, the civilisation and the capactiy of their own people. We remind them that the Yoruba from 1951 to 1960 managed their affairs. During that period, the region became the first among equals in the Africa. This process of transformation was stunted by the Federal Government controlled by the Fulani. It was not a crime that Yoruba in the 19th century fought a civil war for 16 years, but they should be remembered that England, Russia, France and Germany both fought civil wars but eventually emerged as great nations.”

AOKOYA said the two are like fathers that do not believe in their own children but have eternal trust in the children of their neigbours that consistently taunt, kill and main them.

“They spoke as if they have no deep sense of history, and as if they are completely alien to the fears and aspirations of their own people.

“Many of the people in power have very little understanding of the needs of their people, little wonder they have left the whole land barren and scorched.” Akorede said

On Dr Kunle Olajide’ s opposition to the clamour for Oodua Republic, AOKOYA said it would be a misnomer to expect an Abacha apologist to support any good thing in Yorubaland.

“Dr Olajide is an opportunist. His family name is long associated with lack of principle. He worked for late Gen Sanni Abacha. His hospital at Ibadan was built with funds made from treachery, deceit and back stabbing.”

The group said ‘It is surprising that he says Yoruba people should not be dragged to war as if the basic call for a fundamental right is a call to war. Why must the call for Yoruba self determination be seen as a call for war? Are we dealing with beasts in power? The right to self determination is a Universal right declared by the United Nations, (UN). Nigeria cannot operate outside the provision of UN laws.

The country must abide by international standards.. Olajide lied when he said Igbo and Fulani will attack Yorubaland. Such presumptions are puerile and only designed to create unnecessary fear in the minds of Yoruba people.”

AOKOYA said individuals attacking Yoruba self dertermination are doing so for personal gains and for the defence of their parochial interests as against the general interests of the Yoruba people.

“They have no solution to the possibilities of Yoruba people being attacked even in the face of armed threats from terrorists, they are far from the pains and pangs of their own people. They believe in the rot and benefit from the system. They are scared by an orderly society where corruption, nepotism and political hegemony will be defeated. We are aware many of them are being sponsored by an oppressive system that continues to push to Yoruba people into the breaking point of death and anguish.”

The group said Yoruba people will not be deterred by agent provocateurs whose main goal is profit from the enslavement of their own people.

On Mr Femi Falana’s position, AOKOYA said the lawyer lives under the illusion that serious political issues can only be resolved in the court of law.

“Falana masturbates the repressive engine of the system because his empty criticisms rob the ego of the cruel system by giving the impression the system tolerates dissent.

“Falana is considering his huge investments in Abuja. He is not a good student of history. If those who fought for the freedom of South Africa, China and the US had adopted the method of press statements and litigation alone, those countries would never have been freed.

“Falana should know that his media opportunism adds no value to the battle against the trauma and torture the Fulani people continue to subject his people. Falana is a billionaire, but he cannot invest one naira in anything that suggests liberation of Yorubaland. His life long ambition is to be in the good books of those who are ready to conquer and exterminate Yoruba people” AOKOYA said.

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