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#OpEd | Radio Biafra London is nothing but a brainwashing station ~ By Kalu Nwokoro Idika


I’m not a spy! I’m not a spy! These were the words of Evely SALT who was captured by the intolerant North Korean regime during a special operation in the country as an undercover agent. SALT is an American fantasy movie that premiered how Russia trained some group of die hard undercover agents who swore an oath to bring down America after the collapse of USSR. These special agents at a tender age were ferried to an isolated military facility were thorough brainwashing and combat training was administered to them before their onward movement to strategic locations in the world.

One of the success of the brainwashing programme was the assassination of John F. Kennedy; the 35th U.S President. The assassination of Kennedy was masterminded by one of the finest student of the programme. Though, SALT being the major character in the movie aborted the programme after she eliminated those special agents for murdering her precious lover who sacrificed everything to save her life from the North Korean torture pit. Well, this will be a story for another day.

However, a closer look at nations ravaged by all forms of terror such as suicide bombing and slaughtering of innocent civilians with lethal weapons; brainwashing seems to have played a prominent role in birthing the disorder. Divisive, inciting broadcasts and written commentaries are very injurious and can burn down a nation. That is the reason why there are standard laws made by every government in other to restrain mischievous media houses from feeding the masses with toxic information that could possibly erode peace and security.

When radio Biafra London became a friendly radio in 2015, millions of us mistakenly thought that the station will be used to assemble, unite and prepare the Eastern region for a sincere march to freedom. Little did we know that the franchise radio will be used to divide, incite and create more enemies than allies. The managers of the radio station have bastardized and turned it into a brainwashing rendezvous. Instead of being a station where true emancipation will be staged, it ended up becoming a spot for brainwashing of men and women filled with bitter heart and unflinching quest to insult, abuse, usurp and destroy.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m only saying that radio Biafra London has lost direction. There is nothing educative about the station. No sensible individual will waste his good time listening to a station where all forms of abusive and dirty words are thrown with reckless abandon. Come to think of it, how will a reasonable father allow his entire family to tune to a station where all the words that comes out of the mouth of the moderators are idiots, morons, saboteurs, bastards, kill, die, thunder fire you, you will die. What a miserable radio. No normal human being will even let his family know that such an uninformed station exist. A malicious radio of that magnitude has the power to brainwash and damage the mental psyche of a nation which is the exact problem we are facing today.

I have asked some of the so called students of the franchise radio how uncouth words and crude approach towards civil issues will emancipate us and restore Biafra? None till date has given a meaningful answer to my question. A radio station where a self made Jesus hibernate to abuse, malign and intimidate others who doesn’t share his kind of antiquated approach to freedom. Thousands of Igbo youths can hardly engage in any debate without abusing and spitting fire. Threatening and telling others how they will be assassinated all because their opinions are in sharp contrast with the one of the fugitive demagogue.

Radio Biafra London is nothing but a brainwashing station. It has done more harm than good. The only little good that came out of the station was the awakening of the people. But thereafter it divided and pitted brothers against each other. Creating a very pitiable Fuji House Of Commotion. Let’s be more realistic. Biafra is neither an Igbo project nor a one man show. There must be consultations. People should have the right to decide if they want to be part of the project or not. I will not be part and parcel of Biafra that will be restored through forceful conscription. It will be another Nigeria in the making.


Moreover, it’s not late. Amendments can be made. The managers of radion Biafra London must have a rethink. Closing of ranks and extending right hand of fellowship to all and sundry. This bold step can make a huge difference. Humility, respect, discipline, commitments and accountability are the true hallmarks of leadership. Leaders are pace setters and not destroyers. Leaders don’t lead for the sake of pride and vain glory. Many boastful leaders in the past failed because of pride and arrogance. Vain glory and pride are opposite of good leadership. Therefore, for you to be a good leader, you must be a humble servant leading by example.

For the sake of sanity, the managers of radio Biafra should be mindful of their utterances during broadcast. The station shouldn’t be made to look like a spot designed for motor park discussions. Any serious minded world leader that spends a minute of his/her time listening to the acidic words that flies in the radio could get discouraged in helping Biafra. Let’s get mature, talkless, act more, pay listening ears, show humility, give soul lifting speeches, show respect and embrace everyone as equals.

Consequently, there should be massive sensitization of our young youths. The bush mentality of abusing and hurling petty and dirty words against contrary views must change. It will not restore Biafra. Let’s start saying things that will unite us rather than dividing us. Radio Biafra London shouldn’t be a station for brainwashing, peddling of malicious stories and character assassination.

Kalu Nwokoro Idika is a writer and investigative journalist


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