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#OpEd | We also have a Trump in Abuja ~ By Martin-Hassan Eze


And, if the truth be told, even the dead by now must have known that our dreams of 2015 have turned into a nightmare. Our collective aspiration for a paradigm shift from the mess of the past have been crushed by the feets of these new slave masters. Dark clouds have envelloped the land and the blood of innocent citizens is crying to heaven for vengeance. Death. Mourning. Weeping. Is this what we bargained for? Now, that the chicken have come home to roost, we have realised, rather too late, that the ‘Changi’ sheriff have not changed from his evil ways nor was it his intention to change our misfortunes into fortunes. No. The broom was not meant to sweep away the rots of yesterday. It was a talisman used to deceive and hoodwink countrymen into believing in a false political messiah.

We are all involved. This lunacy we are witnessing is a product of our actions and inactions. What were we thinking when we rehabilated an old unrepentant tyrant who should be rearing and milking cows in a desert and made him a leader? The verdict is out. What is progressive about this clan of barbarians and what has changed since the changi tsunami in 2015?

The state is stumbling, wombling and crumbling and our Trump is busy fumbling from one mess to another. As things are today, we don’t need a marabout to tell us that we are on the road to Kigali. I find it difficult to dissuade myself from believing that this old man will not lead to Golgotha if we fold our hands and continue to watch him dance on the grave of the dead. The signs are everywhere around us.

For the past five years, Nigeria have been bleeding as a result of bad leadership yet this perfidious brigade of political vultures and self seeking leechers masquerading as progressive in Abuja are busy picking their teeths. We are saddled with a leadership that is not only clueless but debased, diseased, decayed, distanced from the masses and almost dead. The deaf, dumb and blind Abuja Trump have refused to hear our woes nor listen to our cries. The nation is groping endlessly in the dark and the spine of Nigeria may soon break.

This old man is the biggest political mistake Nigerians have ever made since the return of civilian rule. And, we are already paying for it. The recent massacre of peaceful protesters in Lekki is a pointer that the Tyrant have not repented from his evil ways a Jackboot. Put succinctly, we have a leader who is not only insensitive to the plight of citizens but is equally a moral invalid who have no iota of regard for hunter life. Perhaps, we are faced with the reincarnation of Mubutu of Zaire. our ‘leader’ is an Olodo who was only interested in political power for the sake of power. It beggers imagination that even after over twelves years in the wilderness of political misfortunes, he could not develop a blueprint or assemble a formidable team that can put Nigeria on the path of peace, prosperity and progress. What do we expect from man afraid of his shadow to do if not unleash uncircumcised barbarians on peaceful protesters?

With this Trump and other conclave of barbarians around him, we are in for a big mess. Whatever gain our nascent democracy made in the past have been eroded by this plague, calamity, catastrophy and disaster in human skin. From free and fair election, independent judiciary, separation of power, fundamental human rights and rule of law, no tenet of democracy is sacred for this clan of barbarians and their Doyen. This ruthless and heartless Caesar is fast returning Nigeria to the regime of his mentor and friend, the deadly and bloody tyrant from Kano: Late Sani Abacha. We may soon face a bloody Caesar who will continue to do the patriotic job of hunting down enemies of the state, unpatrtioitc civil societies, scoundrels, mischief makers, gift columnists, saboteurs, radicals and imperial agents. We have seen this movie before in 1984. Have we forgotten Decree 2 and 4?. As things are now, the democratic glory of Nigeria have passed out like a lamp that ran out of oil.

Today, Abuja is a rolling stone that gathers no mist. We are in a very hot soup because we are dealing with a Tyrant with no atom of humanity in his heart. If you are ever in doubt, ask the people of Benue, Niger, Zamfara, Kastina, Bornu and Kaduna. I, persuade myself,to tell us that it does not matter the side your belong. Yesterday it was Shi’ites. Today, the future of our nation are mowed down like weeds. Both those who have and those who don’t have, Muslims and Christians, North and South, everybody is deep in the pool of mess created by this clueless buffoon.

This is the prize we have to pay for not interrogating the antecedent of a man known for so many human right violations and atrocities in the past. Did he not flee from Oputa Panel? Elder statesmen like Bishop Kukah warned Nigerians of this disaster and calamity that calls himself …Now the blood of innocent citizens have smeared the face of the land. With this Baba, it is apres moi de deluge- after me disaster. Sad. Sadening!

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