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Open Confession And Testimony ~ By Anayo Nwosu

As Nwoke Nnewi, I had hidden some money somewhere my wife wouldn’t see it in my room without knowing that I would not return to my house soon. In fact, I found myself in prison unprepared.

This has been my practice since I got married. It’s has not always been a big amount. I would only touch the money during emergency. I would say “I don’t have cash”, to all those “Annie do you have some money with you there?”

In Nnewi, such behaviour, denial are never seen as a sin but a Cost or Expenditure Reduction measure. Kind of nwoke na-azọ onwe ya, an embarrassment saving money.

Wives are not innocent of this too.

I was trained by the elders that a dibiụnọ or a man of the house should not make known all he has or is worth or money in his house to his wife and children to curtail spontaneous or unbudgeted spending.

This is even more advisable if one loves his wife so much or if the wife is the type that is so good in bed.

Either way, some men wouldn’t know when they would start sing like ọkịrị bird and begin to bring out a month’s allowance in one day.

People of God, do you know that while I was away, that my wife saw the money neatly wrapped in a used envelope while arranging the house?

She didn’t mention it to me all the while she was visiting me in prison.

Guess what she did?

She appeared to have counted the money and put it inside another envelope and put it at a different location where I could easily see it whenever I returned.

I guess she wanted me to know that she saw it.

And I saw it when I returned.

I laughed but my wife was not amused. She didn’t talk.

I causally but intently counted the money and it was complete.

My wife who is from Ụga murmured “ndị Nnewi na ego” meaning “Nnewi people and money”, laughed and faced other issues.

I know her kinsmen do it too.

There are good wives oooo! My mother would have done the same.

Please praise the Lord for me.

What if I had suddenly died and had hidden some money or stashed huge sum in some bank accounts from her and my children?

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