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Open letter to Buhari: How ICPC atrociously rips off suspects, perpetrates corruption


Another open letter to the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria & the patriotic Nigerians

Dear Mr President,

Eagle Eyes Transparency bring to your attention further atrocious patterns of operations in ICPC under the current leadership of Professor Bolaji Owasanoye and his management team amongst other are Mr Lawal Akeem, the Director operations, Ms Yetunde, Mr Akpononimisingha Ekoi Osunobi.

It is a common occurrence that the current leadership of ICPC specializes in obtaining intelligence from whistle blowers and use them for personal selfish gains. Funds are even recovered and diverted into Private accounts of the official via cronies.

Mr President, we pray you to investigate the following under-listed case being compromised by ICPC management:

The case of Egbuha Roselle Uche, Ambassador James Erebouye who were arrested on the 17th June 2020 & 7th July 2020 respectively.

In the case of Mrs Egbuha Roseline Uche, it was a case of N530,000,000 million allegedly sent to her personal account by her son. Upon her arrest from Anambra and brought to ICPC cell Abuja , the director operations of ICPC Mr Lawal Akeem demanded that she shares the funds at 50-50% rate.

She involved a negotiator on the grounds of plea bargain in the name of Professor John Kester.

Eventually, five funds transfer forms were signed for disbursement, to the shocking dismay of Mrs Egbuha Roseline Uche and Prof John Kester, the funds were moved to three accounts and Mrs Egbuha Roseline Uche is left with no dime in her account at the moment and she was left off the hook.

Mr President we implore you to investigate and demand the following questions please:

  • What happened to the N530 million?
  • To which accounts was the funds eventually Transferred to?
  • Were the funds recovered and relooted?
  • Where is Mrs Egbuha Roseline Uche currently?
  • What is the status of the case with ICPC?

Similarly, Ambassador James Erebouye was arrested and detained for weeks alongside family members males and females and all detained in ICPC cell Abuja for weeks.

As usual, the Director operations, Mr Lawal Akeem through his agent Ms Yetunde met Ambassador James Erebouye to demand N2.5 million to enable her and her boss close the case for him.

Part of the N2.5 million demanded by Ms Yetunde according to her was to be used to seal the mouth of those in the Presidency and the Attorney General of the Federation.

At this point Ambassador James Erebouye grew annoyed and cursed Ms Yetunde that she will never marry in her life time due to her atrocious lifestyle and in attempt to slap Ms Yetunde, he collapsed and was rushed to National Hospital Abuja.

ICPC management on seeing danger ahead hurriedly granted him bail in absentia and he left to his house from the hospital unconditionally.

Subsequently, the retired dogged investigator, a former ComPol of Federal Capital Territory Abuja, Elder Lawrence Alobi came to ICPC to personally sign for the items ICPC management confiscated from Ambassador James Erebouye.

Mr President, we call pray you to investigate this very case and it current status.

The McArthur Foundation and the UK Aides donated 1.6 billion Naira to enhance the efficiency of the activities of ICPC, we pray you to investigate, ascertain the level of utilities and transparency in usage.

Mr President, the Nigerian Custom Service donated vehicles to ICPC, We implore you to investigate the where about of those vehicles, and the users.

Cases of N68 billion Naira of Global Funds, Gavi funds, Ebola funds, NMA- Oron funds were all compromised by ICPC.

A specialist in case compromises is Mr Akpononimisingha Ekoi Osunobi a Hunting Dog inherited from Mr Nta Ekpo. He is a lawyer and a negotiator for primary suspects .

He confronts the suspects with overwhelmed evidence supplied by whistle blowers, they plead and make offers, in turn he introduces the suspects to the Director operations, a deal is struck, the next task is to ensure that a fabricated allegation is put on the whistle blower and he is arrested, he rushes to crony magistrate courts to get detention order of first fourteen days and subsequently another 14 days in a non-capital offences.

The Chairman ICPC Prof Bolaji Owasanoye looks away because is a cabal thing. He benefits either way from all the schemes.

Mr President we are prepared to reveal more in the coming days.

Eagle Eyes Transparency International is in the service of humanity. Await more in the coming days. Investigate the ICPC chairman and top management staff.

Long live Nigeria!

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