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Open Letter To Dr Cho Ayaba Of Ambazonia


Dear Sir;

I was so occupied that I couldn’t follow up the exaggerated world press conference. When the funny world press conference with one Mr Nnamdi Kanu was announced; I thought I would follow the press conference on any world news website, to my greatest surprise, not even a local media syndicate aired the so-called world press conference. I mean no disrespect but stating the fact. Sir, do not be discouraged to read down and enjoy this letter; irrespective of my blunt observation.

Dr Ayaba and Nnamdi Kanu

You are a great man but lack wisdom or simply put; you have penchant for self aggrandizement and razzmatazz. You want a local publicity or an opportunity to join the train of fund raising. As an educated man; all you could do in your capacity as a factional Ambazonian leader was to stoop so low to have a press conference with a man that was disgraced by ECOWAS court as having no mandate to represent the people of Biafra. In other words; Mr Nnamdi Kanu is not a legitimate leader of Biafra and cannot legally represent Biafra in any legitimate place around the world by virtue of the ECOWAS ruling. So; razzmatazz was all you cared for. Press conference to announce historic alliance; did you take your time to listen to your press conference over again?

Africa has a problem and people like you add to that problem; inability to reason, although you are not a lawyer but I expected you to be guided by a legal representative. You reduced the significance of everything Ambazonia has achieved by meeting an illegitimate figure who has no regional backing or even the backing of Biafrans agitating for independent state. Sir; let me remind you, ECOWAS ruled that Mr Nnamdi Kanu has no mandate to represent Biafra because he was not appointed by anybody. The scammer you met fraudulently announced himself the supreme leader of IPOB after he hijacked the radio handed over to him to anchor as a media personality. I am not disclosing this for you to pity yourself but for the faction of Ambazonians you lead to see the disgrace you are. A man considered persona non grata, what a foolish move!

I love to speak truth and also to be critical of below per attitude. Biafra is struggling and fighting for her freedom but Ambazonia has shown more determination than us. In this circumstance; you should be meeting EU, ECOWAS, AU, UN and other international organizations to broker referendum or find help. You coming to Biafra to hold a press conference for public stunt is laughable. I know you might feel offended but Sir; what did you achieve after the press conference? World press conference with your fellow victim, you are funny.

Let me lecture you Sir; common sense is not often found in education, you can gain knowledge, but you need more of yourself and divine gift to possess common sense. Press conference happens after internally or privately brainstorming on a subject. You only come out to address the media and tell the world what they should expect or as you fielded questions. I read where you were ranting how freedom is in our hands and clearly possessed by the spirit of rant. Birds of a feather flock together; if you don’t take care, you will see yourself ranting and lying everyday to your faction in Ambazonia to remain relevant or deceive them to contribute defense fund or ESN fund raising you would use to meet your secretary for copulate pleasure.

Sir; you can stop insulting the sensibility of the faction of the Ambazonians you represent; take your time and find a way to meet people that matter in the world and hold press conference with them if that is your problem. Sorry; you held press conference with one Mr Nnamdi Kanu and not the people of Biafra and any day we see you near Biafra matter, you will tell us if we have any business with you. Biafra will happily seek understanding with Ambazonia but not exclusively with any faction but entire people of Ambazonia.

I was disappointed over the week after reading a disclaimer; thankfully, on behalf of the people of Biafra and in my capacity as a journalist that have defended my people in truth and fairness, I wish to inform you that we have no business with you but Ambazonian people as a whole. Let me also remind you; because I can understand you just arrived. In 2016; all pro-Biafran groups called a meeting with all pro-Ambazonian groups to iron out things and devise a way to be helpful, but the traitor you had a non-existent world press conference sabotaged it. Unfortunately; you have wasted your time because we are republic of Biafra and not supreme (leadership) Biafra. Go home and sleep with your wife and maybe; start perambulating on another world press conference with another persona non grata. You can as well open a radio station and enjoy what you came here to enjoy. Madness is a choice!

Thanks; yours faithfully

Ifeanyi Chijioke: Independent/Investigative Biafran Journalist

Writes from Enugu.


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