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Open letter to Nnamdi Kanu from Ralph Uwazurike ~ By Ifeanyi Chijioke


Dear Nnamdi Kanu;

Permit me to address you by Nnamdi Kanu because the word supreme to me is reserved for God the creator of heaven and earth. I know you are sad reading this my letter through Ifeanyi Chijioke. I was moved to write through him because he has been a consistent Biafran journalist and appears to be standing in the gap for Biafrans. It is high time we started according him some respect because unlike before, Biafra today has a radical journalist ready to challenge leaders like us.

I would have loved a situation this journalist sets up a debate for us; so we sit down and answer questions. I want to look directly into your eyes and ask you few questions as follows.

You said Uwazurike is peacefully agitating for Biafra because he is a betrayal and saboteur. You vowed that you will fight and destroy Nigeria with defense fund contributed for you. I believe you have seen what I saw. You even had to jump fence and ran to UK; but I am still in Biafra land, peacefully agitating, while you are in exile, peacefully agitating. Today; what is actually happening?

You said I Uwazurike met governors and politicians. You told people it is only a compromised freedom fighter that meets governors and politicians. I was shocked when I saw you with politicians and governors; even to the point of sleeping in the home of Femi Fani-Kayode. You even collected amnesty from Allen Onyema- the worst was- your brother represented you in a ceremony Fulnai gave you a title. How were you able to lie and still convincing the few people left with you, or have you not compromised as Uwazurike compromised?

If I decide to ask you questions; the purpose of this letter will be lost. I don’t think we will give Ifeanyi Chijioke the opportunity to question us- nobody wants to be disgraced. I fear to addressing you by ‘leader’ because I might also unknowingly be committing a crime. As soon as ECOWAS ruled that you are a persona non grata; I decided to withdraw the title of ‘leader’ when addressing you, so, please forgive my precautions. Let me now go into the purpose of writing this letter to you, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the director of a radio station- radio Biafra. You have used me and this Biafra I started in this era to achieve fame and wealth, you did well my brother. You told them you will do everything Uwazurike couldn’t do; but, you were only deceitfully targeting to be like me, which you have achieved today.

MASSOB BIM was admitted into UNPO few months ago and the day the news was broken; you immediately announced your own breaking news- telling us you have opened a new CHK in Lagos. Afterwards; you began to tell your members how UNPO is nothing even when you know it is the first legitimate step towards sovereignty. Let me tell you Mazi Nnamdi Kanu; if you want to know the difference between us, I can re-institute the very case you instituted in ECOWAS and get a judgment in the negative or positive but cannot be discarded and disgraced by ECOWAS. I had pity for you when ECOWAS publicly said you don’t have a mandate to be addressed by, treated to or called a Biafran leader. Please take note; it was not Uwazurike that said it, African regional court of competent jurisdiction said it- not even Nigerian court.

Do you know you cannot register or Biafra admitted through or by you anywhere by world membership bodies? If you doubt me, with this ECOWAS judgment hanging on your neck, go anywhere and officially register Biafra like I have done let me see you. No legal body or world membership organization can recognize you as a Biafran leader because a court of competent jurisdiction declared you persona non grata. Instead of you to appreciate me and thank God for giving Biafrans a leader like me- you make use of your quack and hungry writers you give crumbs to mislead the people that UNPO is nothing. Thank God a prominent Biafran journalist like Ifeanyi Chijioke is now refereeing proceedings. All your quack and hungry writers have nothing to offer the public; you can only rant but facts will always be starring at you. You can use your limited liability company for a registration but not in any capacity as a Biafran leader or representative of Indigenous people.

Through me as the recognized and substantial leader of Biafrans; Biafra was admitted by CONIFA, a feat you cannot achieve in your next life because the world already knows you are a scammer. On the day CONIFA news broke out, you announced again that you will open radio Biafra in Kastina. Each giant step MASSOB BIM make; you pay hundreds of thousands to Nigerian media to report your radio CHK to enable them suppress the news of the giant strides of Biafra under me. You know I make strategic moves and you don’t want people to see you as an empty drum making the loudest of noise.

Without me; you cannot be talking about this Biafra that put and putting food on your table today. Without me; you can’t have this radio you use to deceiving few Biafrans to pay defense fund- that you want to go to war for them. Without me; you can’t have the fame and wealth you have today because you won’t see Biafra to fraudulently mention. Needless to remind you I mentioned Biafra when it was a crime to mention it. I spent more years in prison than you ever did all your life. I have been to the prison because of Biafra more than you and any of your family members have been. We don’t compare; except your mouth, that mouth that killed Buhari, buried him, restored Biafra and ended Nigeria, nothing more.

Finally; I am now willing to write as many as open letters I want to write to you and I know you will reply. I am waiting for your reply and if reasonable enough; I will write another to you until we iron things out. Ifeanyi Chijioke is a man of integrity and above all, a truthful and neutral journalist that has put Biafra above any interest out there. I will continue to write through him if you ever reply this letter.

Biafra has been admitted into CONIFA after UNPO stride; I want you to appreciate me than constituting a public nuisance with your radio station. That you named your private radio station Radio Biafra does not mean it is for Biafra. Opening a CHK in Kastina; please, how does it help Biafra or draw Biafra closer? The money you waste on Sun Newspapers and others to report opening CHK; why not use it and help your oath held boys at home?

You want to use radio and restore Biafra from UK because this is Nigeria where you have idiots and illiterates who sing praise of you because you opened a radio station you named radio Biafra. Keep deceiving yourself with radio while MASSOB BIM go international and executing Project Biafra. The news is out there; Biafra is part of UNPO and now part of CONIFA. We will allow members of IPOB willing to represent Biafran football into MASSOB BIM because we blame you and not them for lying and deceiving innocent people.

Ifeanyi Chijioke- freelance/investigative journalist

Writes from Enugu


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