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Open Letter To Nyesom Wike, Governor Of My Beloved Rivers State ~ By Annkio Briggs

Dear Governor Wike,

1. I congratulate you as you round off the showcasing of the First One Hundred Days of your Second Tenure in office. It is the success of your First Tenure that compelled the majority of the great people of Rivers State to come out in majority numbers to vote for you in your second tenure against great odds and dangers.

The support of the peoples of Rivers State is from the conviction that no one else can take on the people and diverse interests that stand against our beloved state and peoples.

2. The completed projects and infrastructural development you have so far put on ground have not only opened up our state internally, but the infrastructure has opened up Rivers state to the rest of Southern Nigeria and in fact to the world. The world of investments will come to Rivers State and our people will benefit from the development that is on the way.

As a Rivers State daughter l am proud of your strategies so far, and your resolve to use our state’s resources to create, build and advance our development and well being. Amongst all that you have completed and delivered, the Football Academy stands out as it takes on the future of our children from primary through to the highest level of human development. It stands for unity and teamwork which is what our children and youths need today to groom them for commitment to our state and people today and tomorrow.

3. Based on what you have achieved so far and the personal risks you have taken l believe you when you say you will deliver more, that you will keep the promises you have made and leave behind a better Rivers State than you met.

Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike addressing journalists

4. I am particularly excited and relieved to hear you say in your address to we the people of Rivers State on the 30th of Sept 2019 that you and your government are sensitive to the agitation of Rivers State people for political and economic freedom.

“We wish to state that we are sensitive to the agitation of our people for political and economic freedom and we shall continue to respond appropriately to the challenges of our development either alone or in conjunction with our partners to advance our abiding interest in building the brightest future for our State and for all our people” (Governor Wike 30/09/2019).

You spoke to my being as someone who has in the past 21 years and agitated for this very right for our collective peoples of Rivers State and by extension the Niger Delta region and peoples.

5. You, sir, have written your name in the hearts of our people, state and indeed the Niger Delta by acquiring 45% interest in the Oil Mining Lease (OML) 11 in Ejama Ebubu Community in Eleme LGA and the adjoining Ogoni and other Communities of Rivers State. The knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of the background are correct and true, in my humble and personal activities in Oil spills in Rivers State and other spills across the Niger Delta Ebubu along with other spills stand out in Ogoni and Ogbodo and many others.

Sir l believe and support your reasons and passion for the purchase of this interests, and l am convinced you will not only purchase more by insisting that we have first options. By this act you have infused hope into the other state governors and peoples of the Niger Delta region to rise up, be bold and do what is right for their people. By this act you have used the political powers we the people have entrusted to you for the benefit of the people and state.

I have maintained that when politicians do what is expected of them we need not thank them but your excellency at this time and for demonstrating that you have our very best interest and future at heart.

I say Thank you, Sir.

6. By taking this giant step in the development and economic freedom of our beloved Rivers State and peoples, you are ensuring the best future and setting the right foundation for our security today and that of our children and grandchildren tomorrow. There is indeed hope for our people and state.

Today l am very excited, l feel not only vindicated but even more empowered to continue on the agitation for Liberty, Equity and Justice for our State, Peoples, and Region.

I have never doubted myself that l am right in my belief, giving what we the people of Rivers State have endured and gone through in the past in Nigeria, you are the right man to Govern our state and we need you because you have what it takes to stand up for our peoples and our rights despite what or who comes against us.

7. I am comforted sir when you say “It is early morning in our second tenure and we have demonstrated that, for us, there would be no lull in the administration of our renewed political mandate. Rather, we will increase the tempo of deliverables, fulfill our promises and bequeath a much better State” ( Gov. Wike 30/09/2019)

8. I believe and will stand on my understanding that by the end of your second tenure in 2023 all the twenty-three Local Government Areas in Rivers state will know and be able to show the dividends of your understanding that indeed governance is service delivery to the people.

I maintain that l am not a politician but l am interested in what Politicians do in my name. It is in this spirit that l am encouraged by the words of the late President of USA President John F Kennedy ‘think not what your country can do for you, but rather what you can do for your country’

Therefore in thinking of what l can do for my State and my Region l again confirm my commitment to the success of your government by supporting what you do that will continue to secure, develop, and build our beloved Rivers State. It is my responsibility to stand with Rivers State.

Again Congratulations Sir.

Sir, God bless you with more wisdom, patience, grace, and strength to continue to pilot the great and complex affairs of our beloved Rivers state.

God continues to bless Rivers State and her Peoples with love and understanding.

Annkio Briggs
Daughter and Servant of Rivers State

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