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Open Letter to President Donald Trump – by Benjamin Aduba

You devoted less than your full attention to the Trump Empire of billions of dollars; now you have practically abandoned your empire to serve America

Dear President Donald J. Trump

I am one of your subjects and a proud American along with over 300 million others plus additional 11 million (or so) illegal aliens. We all love our America. 

But our love pales in comparison to your love which you have demonstrated in the many years you have invested in American politics, albeit from the sidelines. 

You devoted less than your full attention to the Trump Empire of billions of dollars in 2015-2016 and now you have practically abandoned your empire to serve the country at a penny a year.

Greater love has no man for his country.

Mr. President we all love America and want it to remain great.

You are now in charge and your full attention, your undivided attention and loyalty, are required for the job of number one headmaster of the world. I suspect that small things are distracting your attention. I suggest the following:

•         That you give up your twitter account. You cannot be responding to every Tom, Dick and Harry as you seem to be doing. You have surrogates, let them do their work. Not every comment deserves a presidential response.

•         Make peace not war for you cannot govern this country alone. The country is designed not to produce a dictator. You cannot rule USA as the North Korean Leader can. You saw with your own eyes as Senator Rick McConnell rejected, singlehandedly, Mr. Obama’s nominee to the Supreme Court. Many legislators can do such things. Messrs.’ McCain, Bill Graham, Speaker Ryan, et all. And even combined Democratic senators. Make peace for it is a sign of strength not weakness.

•         You are making so many people nervous. EU, China, NATO Allies, Iran, even Russia etc., are afraid. Fear is what leads to actions that lead to wars. Calm things down before somebody makes a precipitous mistake. With nuclear war heads all over the place, WWIII will not be anything like WWII or WWI. There too much at risk in 2017. The America that we all love, even though it has superior military apparatus, will not get out of this one free like it did in WWII or WWI. Of course, USA did not get out of either war free what with over 500,000 dead soldiers. In WWII alone.

•         The press is not the enemy; democrats are not the enemy; Black Caucus is not the enemy; Liberals are not the enemy; Intellectuals in our universities and elsewhere are not the enemy; competition with China is not the enemy; Mexicans and illegal immigration are not the enemy; and others. These people have different ideas of how to keep America great. They have always been around and will always be around. I have seen the enemy and it is us; it is poverty; it is unequal distribution of wealth and opportunities; it is blindness to see the bigger picture. We need friends like NATO, like Australia, like Africa, and Mideast, like Japan, like Korea, Like Nigeria, like South Africa Like UN and other World Organizations. These are what we need to be successful.

Mr. President the above suggestions are from a plebian. But they are offered because of my ernest desire that you succeed for if you succeed, we all gain; if you fail we all pay the huge price your failure would bring. Let’s not behave like Senator McConnell who prayed for Obama’s failure and did his best to see him fail. Obama did not fail because the strength of his character would not allow it, but he could have succeeded much more if Mr. McConnell had not been a stumbling block.

In the interest of full disclosure, yes, I did not vote for you but I believe that you are still my President.

May God bless America; land of the free!

I am Sincerely,

Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba

Boston, Massachusetts

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