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Open letter to prof Chukwuma Soludo on the recent attacks on Dr Adaora Umeoji & Zenith Bank


Dear Prof Chukwuma Soludo,

We write with respect to your recent desperate directive that called for a sustained media attack on the person and image of Dr. Adaora Umeoji whom you know too well is an accomplished banker that continues to shine and thrive in a world largely dominated by men and we are simply perplexed at your inability to embrace the fact that women can indeed succeed.

Sir, we have noticed this particular odious trend playing out in your career where you take out valuable time to attack strong women as evident in the way and manner you took center stage in the past, attacking another strong and accomplished woman in the person of Dr. Ngozi Okonjo Iweala and we are now left with no option than to ask what problem you have with accomplished women?

Daily your media handlers, taking a cue from your directive, have been on the attack, vilifying and seeking to discredit this accomplished Igbo woman for the simple reason that her brother The Rt. Hon Chukwuma Umeoji, occupies a position you and your cohorts thought you could get on a platter of gold and we really just want to advise that you desist from toeing this line of infamy which really does not do justice to your integrity and name.

Sir, it is really high time you understand that there is a difference between the APGA flag bearer and his sister and it beats the sane imagination that a man of your standing cannot appreciate this difference.

Lately your media handlers have taken the attacks a notch higher by unleashing several articles against Adaora Umeoji’s employers and Anambrarians are now left to wonder at the correlation between Zenith bank and the Anambra State gubernatorial election!

For a supposed banker of your standing, it really beats the sane imagination that you will endorse an odious and blatantly false article that claims a bank employee has put her employers in serious risk by accessing a high number of non performing loans using various fronts and we mean no insult when we say we are ashamed at what you’re becoming!

We truly understand your predicament and frustration at the recent turn of events that has seen her brother being recognized as the legitimate APGA flag bearer but with all your claims to a sound education, does it not strike you as infantile that your best strategy for overcoming this Divine verdict is by attacking a woman who not only has done you no wrong but is busy minding her business in the world of banking where she currently is a shinning star achieving great things?

We strongly feel the time has come for you to eschew such childish antics and realize that it is only God in heaven that makes men kings and not baseless tantrums hurled at an innocent woman.

We understand that your track record of attacking accomplished women is part and parcel of your genetic make-up and may be hard to resist but we pray you can find some humanity in you to call your attack dogs to order for it simply does not make any sense to attack a woman and her employers just because she shares blood ties with someone whom God has destined to fly the flag of APGA in the forthcoming November 6 Anambra gubernatorial election.

It really bleeds our hearts to see the way mindless politicking has reduced you to the level of an unthinking mind that believes attacking an innocent woman and her employers can somehow gift you the APGA ticket and we are seriously concerned for believe it or not, we still wish you well and do not like this odious version of you.

Perhaps you should take some advise from the words of Fr. Ejike Mbaka when he clearly told you what politics would do to you and your personality because under our noses, you have become a shadow of your former self, engaging in mindless shadow boxing and unleashing attacks at both real and perceived enemies.

For the avoidance of doubt, your attacks on Dr. Adaora Umeoji are of no consequence and she will continue doing her best, impacting millions of lives in the banking sector whilst your minions continue dancing in the mud of infamy.

Once again let us remind you that she is neither your problem nor the source of your setbacks and frustrations.

Like we said earlier, it is only God in heaven that makes kings and since it has pleased Him to crown the amiable and wildly popular Hon Chukwuma Umeoji the APGA flag bearer, no amount of senseless attacks on his sister can change what God has destined and the earlier you realize this and call your media dogs to order, the better for you and your increasingly battered image that will continue to plunge as long as you don’t desist from attacking strong and accomplished women.

Believe us when we say this open letter comes from a place of love.

Ambrose Azodo

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