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Open letter to Radio Biafra: The most high cannot be found in hatred!

 Nnamdi Kano of Radio Biafra

Above: Nnamdi Kano of Radio Biafra

*Both a reminder and warning to those who have ears to HEAR* 

The only workable strategy on the table since 1996 towards the bloodless and peaceful dissolution of Nigeria; a strategy built on the self-interest or selfish-interest of each ethnic nationality; a strategy that has rubbished the machinations of the regressive coalition led by the born-to-rule and the British government to continue their strangle grip on Nigeria.

Every ethnic nationality must control 100% of its political space;

Every ethnic nationality must control 100% of its boundary;

Every ethnic nationality must control 100% of its resources;

Every ethnic nationality must speak for itself;

Every ethnic nationality must grow at its own pace.

“Yes, both those who believe and those who do not believe are coming on board; both those who are ready to help move the Igbo agenda and those looking for ways to profit out of the movement are coming on board; both the honest and the liars, pretenders, and those already negotiating for high table or low table before Biafra is actualized are also coming on board. That is as it should be, all are welcome! When the time is right YAH will separate the tares from the wheat. Biafra is the Lord’s and he has ordained its actualization and we all are mere tools in his hands. We will all play our parts, some as Judas to show Ndi Igbo what they will get if they refuse to hold unto YAH.” 

Setting the Record Straight – By Maazi Nnaemeka M Onumonu-Uzoaru

As was predicted and encouraged as far back as 1996 when the Igbo liberation movement was birthed despite the shenanigans of the Igbo themselves to kill the movement, it is not surprising that organizations with “solutions” to the Igbo dilemma are springing from all corners, they are all welcome; that is the Igbo way.

As stated above, those whose modus operandi are not built on truth even as they mightily refuse to embrace the truth, who speak out of both sides of their mouths, who talk the talk but refuse to walk the  walk, will ALL, fall by the way side.

No different from shooting stars, they will ALL, bar none, flame out, as long as they seek to impose their Nigerian inherited abominable ways built on lies and falsehood on the Igbo and other ethnic nationalities that constitute Nigeria.

Let the march to the nations of our dreams continue.


Open Letter to Radio Biafra London: The Most High cannot be found in HATRED!

In Defense of Justice

I cringe each time I listen to Radio Biafra London, no different from many fair minded brethren, as Radio Biafra continues to paint the Yoruba nation, a great nation, no different from other nations around the world, with a broad brush.

If there are nations that should understand the danger of this failed and flawed strategy, it should include the Igbo, one of the very few nations found in every part of the world, who have never discriminated in marrying other nationals, a nation that have been maligned and painted with a broad brush in Nigeria by the abominable coalition of Born-to-rule and the retrogressive part of the Yoruba leadership which need I remind us led to the Genocaust (Igbo genocide and holocaust) in which the Igbo was hounded in every part of Nigeria and massacred. In fact if the Igbo ancients were right when the called the Igbo, Ndi Mbu (the first people created); Ndi Gboo (the ancient people); does it not then mean that there is Igbo blood in every human, even the Yoruba? Need I remind us of the very credible ground breaking research by Maazi Ishaq D. Al-Sulaimani and Maazi Vernon (Alufiel) Grier, Ed.D., exemplified in THE GREATER IGBO NATION, buttressed the fact that part of the Yoruba nation is Igbo?

This movement was never built on hatred or I would not have stepped forward in 1996 when most Igbo were hiding under the bed immobilized by fear even as Chi Ukwu Okike (The Creator that continues to create) decided it was time to plant the seed of redemption for the Igbo and other marginalized ethnic nationalities in the ‘British Birthed Abomination’ Nigeria. Chi Ukwu (The Most High) does not dwell in hatred nor does He/She support abomination. When we point a finger at the innocent, do four fingers not point at us?

If part of the Yoruba leadership has continued to embrace a policy inimical to the interest of all the ethnic nationalities that make up Nigeria, including the Yoruba, why not call them out, instead of calling out the whole Yoruba nation? Need I remind us that had the Igbo not been cursed with very bad leadership, starting with Zik.., Ojukwu, .., the history of the ethnic nationalities that make up Nigeria, No, the History of Black Africa, would have been a lot different, and this abominable Igbo leadership led to the birth and continued existence of Nigeria.

If Radio Biafra London wants to be considered a serious organization, it must desist from its embrace of the flawed policy of hate. The Yoruba ethnic nationality, no different from other ethnic nationalities that make up Nigeria continue to suffer from the very bad choice of the retrogressive part of the Yoruba leadership, no different from the suffering caused by the retrogressive and brain dead part of the Igbo leadership.

I salute the Yoruba nation and other ethnic nationalities that make up the abomination Nigeria, more so, the progressive Yoruba leadership that has continued to stand with the Yoruba masses and have refused to team up with retrogressive part of the Yoruba leadership even as they have continued to join the born-to-rule to pillage and loot Nigeria relegating their peoples and other Nigeria to unbelievable sufferings. I salute the Yoruba leadership that not only have embraced the National conference but were amongst the foremost to demand the conference where all ethnic nationalities that make up Nigeria can finally make the most important choice of continuing in Nigeria or no.

Nigeria is dead.

Long Live the Islamic Republic of Arewa!

Long Live the Republic of Oduduwa!

Long Live other Republics born from the demise of the abomination Nigeria!

Long Live Mother Africa.

Nnaemeka Onumonu-Uzoaru

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