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Open letter to the President Buhari by Diaspora Nigerians in Mali

buhariWe want to congratulate you on your return to the helm of affairs as an elected

president of the federal republic of Nigeria; I want to share in the joy of your return.

The fact that these past months have actually indicated to the world, and Nigerians that voted that they did not make a wrong choice in your selection

As Nigerians we aspire for a change, a change that involves total cleansing of the system, from the National Assembly to the ministers, governors, diplomats even the local government officials are all culprits of the monumental fraud crime that has helped rank Nigeria as one of the most corrupt nation in the world, ranked 137 of the 175 nations of the world ranking.

The federal government runs the ministries, and has a very obvious duty to supervise and oversee them and how they are run. The big question remains why aren’t all government agencies getting the eagle eye? The National Assembly are grossly expensive, inefficient, and marginally effective. Assembly staffers should be outfitted as “secret shoppers” and stay neck deep in the agencies they’re duty-bound to supervise and oversee. Domestic surveillance needs to be sharply focused on our government agencies. I’m pretty sure that’s where most of our big crimes are perpetrated, but with no effort to catch them as they happen these crimes get thrown into a no-accountability heap called “corruption.”

The anti-corruption campaign should be taken to the ordinary people, the public should be sensitised through bill boards, commercials on both the electronic and the print media, citizens concern over stealing of national resource should be raised to help in the combat against corrupt practices and corruption in high places, the combat should not be left in the hands of judiciary as they are also compromised.

As a concern Nigerian we would want to believe in the terms of the former president, President Goodluck E. Jonathan in describing looters of public fund and the national resource, we should call a spade a spade, a thief should be treated as a thief, a looter through the stroke of the pen is nothing but a thief and as such should be treated in the like manners.

Nigerians should evolve a system of leadership that should suit our mentality and mechanism as a people, we should fashion a democratic process that should balance with these Naija mentality.

Leadership involves carrying the led in the process of leading, being a leadership is a huge responsibility that  requires certain level of humility and sacrifice,  these qualities are lacking from our elected leaders in government  our political office holders, members of our national and state assemblies,  appointed ministers, or nominated office holders as an elected or nominated officer you are a VIP from your community or ethnic, to that enviable position, to defend, protect and project the socio cultural image  of people you represent when you turn a leave and become fraudulent, you are telling Nigerians that you come from a background of thieves.

We are attracted to revisit the long standing campaign of the diasporans in Mali as  concern Nigerians, a lot have been written, meetings held by top leaders of the communities Nigerian with the Nigerian ambassador to Mali and some members of staff, with top members of the defence attaché, whose effort here should be credited for intervention(s) in the crises between NIDO Mali chapter and the present outgoing Ambassador to Mali,  the deal breaker here is that godfatherism as practiced in Nigeria  has had a very negative impact in the quest for the removal of Ambassador Nuhu Iliya Dunya and his wife that runs Nigerian embassy as personal enterprises, like we always say, Nigerians in Mali are civilised people who have remain resolute in pursuing peaceful and legitimate course even in the  failure of the past administration of President Goodluck Ebere Jonathan  in removing the ambassador Nigerians have abstained from violent reactions to the too many provocations of the ambassador, which we realise would give him a shade of cover for his crime against Nigerians that not but include stealing of public fund.

Since resumption as Nigerian Ambassador to Mali, Mr (Amb 😉 Nuhu Iliya Dunya in 2012,the ambassador has shown a different school of thought, NIDO – Mali chapter (Nigerians in diaspora organisation) in the year 2013/14,  published  articles requesting the federal government of Nigeria for an immediate removal of Ambassador Illunya Nuhu Dunya, citing reasons for his removal  to,

1. (a) Insensitivity to the plight of Nigerians, and him having been the brain behind the monumental loss of remittance to Nigeria by the diasporans in Mali, through his stoppage of issuance of the consular cards to Nigerians in Mali which he swore that he will never issue Nigerians the consular card.

 1 (b)  writing to Malian authorities that the identification(s) held  by Nigerians are fake and therefore should not be honoured by the authorities, this letter has equally discredit  not only those that arrived Mali in their national identifications, passport or national identity card, it has succeeded in criminalising Nigeria, irrespective of their status in the society.

This has put to test the questions, why was he posted to republic of Mali, as a VIP representing Nigeria, expectedly; his role is to defend up hold and project to the committee of nations, a disciplined and cultured image of Nigeria.

Not surprising, considering his pallying with human traffickers through his agents in some community leaders, this has help in the mass movement of our underage girls into the sex slave industry into the country, that averaging the population of Nigerian girls prostituting in Mali within the eight regions to about 1.6 million.

Not too recent, he vowed, saying that if Mali was Cote d’lvoire he would have hounded the NIDO vice president into prison, in quote ‘’ if Mali had been Cote D’lvoire, I would have ordered Mustapha, to be reminded in prison for twenty 20 years without bail, but that here in Mali, they can only keep him for days and be tried and let go’’, too bad because here in Mali, there is justice.

His  action, granted has put  Nigerians he was supposed to nurture , cherish and adore as his citizens into unforetold danger  like he put it in quote in 2013  ‘’ I don’t care if  they die under the mango tree ‘’ this was when Nigerian  community leaders confronted him over the plight of four Nigerian citizens that were victims of human trafficking, that were left sleeping under the mango tree right opposite the main entrance to the embassy, where the ambassador with his chauffeured car drove in and out every day for five days.

These victims were been fed and cared for  by the Malian police securities at the entrance to the embassy  there is also the issue of seven Nigerian girls, of two Yoruba origin, three deltas and two igbos that was taken to the embassy in the month of  February, 2015, by NIDO social welfare officer and his assistant, they were  locked out and chased from the embassy  after their data’s were collected which include their parents phone numbers and were simply asked to go back to the brothels, where they came from to find their transport back to Nigeria, without the due respect to un protocol on trafficking victims protection right a protocol that our great country Nigeria is signatory to, as at the time of writing this, these girls are scattered within the Malian towns and villages prostituting with only one, having  managed to secure assistance from their parents.

2. NIDO Mali chapter, have  written previously  through the British High Commission, Mali as citizen of the common wealth of nation to help deliver to our home government our candid request, with copies  sent by email, to the house committee on diaspora affairs,  the ministry of diasporans  and the ministry of external affairs, demanding  that the federal government  invite EFCC ( economic and financial fraud commission),  the said demand was also  published on  elombah.com, and the Nigerian News, asking  the past administration to investigate the ambassador over the disappearance of 525,0000 USD (five hundred and twenty five thousand united state dollars, that was meant for the security of Nigerian in Mali, during the Mali crises period between 2012- 13-14

Mr. President sir, this particular issue has remained unresolved, since he said that his god fathers in Nigerian has killed the issue, it has remain an issue bothering the live of Nigerians in Mali, for speaking out ( NIDO) as Nigerians parents body in Mali has remained under  constant attack and denial of our constitutional and legal right by the Nigerian ambassador, through the use of the security force and  his agents amongst the staffers, and not but including some community leaders who have shamefully sold their conscience .

It’s not surprising that the ambassador’s incompetencies extends to his been blinded by his vengeful i, concept nature of his leading him to intervening with his cronies at the embassy in the case of two factions of Ohaneze ndi Igbo that was in Mali court of law.  Ambassador Nuhu Dunya been a none respecter of a constituted body, not but including the judicial system has written to the court demanding why a court of law has referred a case Nigerian, to their apex body NIDO- Mali chapter for settlement, with the organisation given one week mandate with the hope for an extended grace to help settle the issue at stake and report back to the court.

We would also want to ask the government to demand from the ambassador, why the embassy has not moved to the new structure in Aci 2000, Bamako, Mali that has presently become residence to reptiles, rodents and birds of all species, why is the Nigerian defence department still in a rented apartment three years after the completion of the new Nigerian embassy structure why are they still stock in the old building in Badalabougou Est, when they were mandated to have moved since June-July 2013.

 why are Nigerians not properly informed by the embassy, when the Nigerian immigration services came to Mali for the passport issuance, the embassy was approached by the delegation of NIDO executives lead by the president (although not informed by the ambassador  of the arrival of the expected immigration officers since the news came two days after their arrival) to demand for the extension of time since three working days was not sufficient for Nigerians in Mali from other states interested in getting their Nigerian passport but could not make it to Bamako, why did the  ambassador refuse to contact the director of immigration in Nigeria, to ask for extension of time?

The fight against corruption by the present administration will be achieving a land mark in the history of Nigeria, if all (thieves) in official position should be brought to book, we count on your words Mr. President in your inaugural speech, when you said that you are here for everyone and not certain individuals.

God bless the federal republic of Nigeria.

NIDO, Mali

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