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Operation Show Your PVC

An Anglican Cleric, Rt. Rev. Dr. Geoffrey Nwokedirioha Chukwunenye, the Bishop, Anglican Diocese of Oru Imo State, in a meeting with the clergy and lay workers today being 6 March 2018, at The Cathedral Church of Emmanuel Mgbidi made a clarion call to Church leaders to mobilize and sensitize their followers on the need for every adult to obtain their PVC, revalidate their already registered or apply for a change of location in place of relocation.

Bishop Geoffrey stated that the masses are responsible for aiding the corrupt government officials to rig elections successfully.

He further explained that if a pooling boot has a maximum number of 500 registered voters, and 150 happens to show up to vote on election day, the remaining 350 potential voters who refused to show up to vote becomes the ones whose votes will be used for the purpose of rigging the election.

He also pointed out that one of the primary factors contributing to poor turn up at polling stations is this;
Some people had their PVC registered at market or work places and so are enrolled to vote at the particular pooling boots they are registered.

Meanwhile on election day, due to the no movement policy, it becomes hard if not impossible for them to walk to these pooling boots to vote.

Bishop Geoffrey therefore encouraged the clergy to educate their members to get themselves registered at a pool station close to their resident address.

For those that are already registered at a far pool station, a relocation will be a nice step to take in preparation for 2019 election.

Registered voters should also visit the INEC office to revalidate their PVC so as to ensure that they are eligible to vote come 2019.

The cleric Bishop Geoffrey, concluded by saying that it will be wise to request from intending spouse, families of a deceased and parents desiring to baptise their children, to show their permanent voters card (PVC) before any rites will be accorded them.

This measure is to ensure that 2019 election will be done with all fairness.

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