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Opinion | Claiming exclusive privacy right to Radio Biafra is a sign of madness ~ By Ifeanyi Chijioke


It appears Nnamdi Kanu has forgotten where he came from, whom he is, what extent he can go and his verbal limit. This guy took everything for granted, forgetting he is ordinarily the leader of a locally proscribed group called IPOB. The support we gave him turned his head; little wonder he said he can play God and decides who lives and who dies. A man without a legitimate power; just because we thought he was capable and cleaned a once dirty guy up, the mad dog turned to bite its owner.

Biafra was born in 1967 and lived until 1970; between the period of birth and death, Nnamdi Kanu was not born, even if he was born before the war, he was an infant during the war. Then; there was a Radio Biafra anchored by Okokondem. Radio Biafra was an exclusive radio that belonged to the people of Biafra and nobody has privacy right over the radio, not even Okokondem.

Biafra was a name suggested by Frank Opigo; as at the time Frank was in his bed, having sleepless nights and stressing his brain to find a suiting name for the new nation, Nnamdi Kanu was not yet born. Nnamdi Kanu’s parents were somewhere making babies while real men were in the field working to get our nation on track. Finally; Frank came up with the name ‘Biafra’ and a product of cowardice at the very time of Frank’s bravery is laying futile privacy right to ‘Radio Biafra’.

After three years of war; Biafra surrendered- although surrender was a negotiated one and not forced upon us. We looked elsewhere and thought about rehabilitation. Many years after; precisely in 1999, Ralph Uwazurike led the resurrection of Biafra. Biafra that was verbally criminalized became common again and we began once more from where we abandoned it.

Uwazurike led MASSOB brought back some of the abandoned strategies and Radio Biafra was one. It is crucial to know that Radio Biafra began off air broadcast since 1999 and in 2000s, Radio Biafra began on air broadcast. Nnamdi Kanu was nowhere to be found during the time of this new beginning for Biafra. Men took the risk; shook off the fear and embraced the battle to give us right to be called Biafrans once more. We might today take the efforts of those men for granted because someone can now rant from anywhere, but it was uneasy feat.

Nnamdi Kanu came into the picture early 2012- even if he was in it before 2012, he was more of an Igbo campaigner than a Biafran activist. Uwazurike released funds when Radio Biafra was being set up and through Steven Ikpa who convinced Emeka Emekwesiri and others, major funding was done for the purchase of Radio Biafra equipments. It was to be the media arm of the struggle for Biafra; Nnamdi Kanu was appointed to anchor the radio and the rest became history.

Abnormally; a media coup happened and Radio Biafra was hijacked. The man on the microphone declared himself a leader. Uchemefor officially registered the radio when he left with Nnamdi Kanu and broadcast began fully. Breakthrough happened; the people of Biafra absorbed lies and we gave the traitor ladder to climb. Now where he wanted to be; not only has he made it clear that he has exclusive nomenclature right to ‘Radio Biafra’ he also announced to us that he is a supreme leader that can decide who lives and who dies. He boasted that he can play ‘God’; he can do whatsoever he wants. This ‘God’ we made what he is today; a ‘God’ that forgot his creator.

There is definitely a trace of madness in the claim that only his company has right to the nomenclature ‘Radio Biafra’. Nnamdi Kanu has become fond of constituting a nuisance because few idiots have given him the opportunity. But it is funny that a man that doesn’t know or have anything to do with the coining of a name can start laying claim to it and threatening people. A man can lay claim to an historic name- an history that was recorded even before his birth? While it is crucia to take Nnamdi Kanu to any nearest psychiatric hospital, people around him should keep an eye on him to avoid going full blast. Madness starts like a joke and turns into something serious.

‘Radio Biafra’ is not the property and can never be the property of Kanu’s family. We all know where we can find the properties belonging to Kanu’s family. One storey building in a plot of land located in Afaraukwu Ibeku is one of the properties of Nnamdi Kanus’. if anyone nears that property; such person is trespassing and should be ready to face the consequences. The SUV Anambra state governor gave Nnamdi Kanu that his younger brother is cruising in the town with is Nnamdi Kanu’s property; if you dare the black SUV, you face the consequences but as for ‘RADIO BIAFRA’ Nnamdi Kanu has gone mad and should be ignored.

Radio Biafra ‘nomenclature’ does not belong to the registered company in UK and whenever you like, as long as you are talking about Biafra and you are a Biafran, you have incontrovertible right to the nomenclature ‘RADIO BIAFRA’. Forget about the threats the traitor issued; he is nobody and he cannot do anything. If anyone threatens you or approaches, make a report in the nearest police station and sue the person. If you are rugged; if anyone threatens you, use bottle or machete and face him. If you have gun; if anyone threatens you, aim a headshot. Nobody is behind the traitor; he has nobody and has no mind. A dog barks because it can’t bite.

Ifeanyi Chijioke: Independent/Investigative Journalist

Writes From Enugu


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