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Opinion | Critics of Nnamdi Kanu without alternative have also failed ~ By Ifeanyi Chijioke


‘What they are doing is not in good line and I have tried to subtly get them into the best position to achieve something but they have different perception. ‘It is better to continue deceiving ourselves with the traitor Nnamdi Kanu but still shouting Biafra than start saying Biafra is no longer viable, embracing restructure, presidency or making our people believe Biafra is over because of ordinary traitor like Nnamdi Kanu. The leverage those agitating for restructuring and presidency have is Biafra struggle, irrespective of their public stance. They don’t need more hands; the struggle is being killed by a traitor and needs a hand.

I shared this view with an intelligent woman of substance; her advice would eventually prevail. “Leave them to do what they chose for themselves; just overlook them and focus on yours” she imposingly said and wielded her intelligence and feminine magic wand.

That was the finest liberal advice I could get; although, there were other factors that pushed me to out rightly taking her advice. I had no opportunity to speak to her that I am not going to keep quiet any longer but reading through my lines wherever she is; she trust I have ability to champion a superior argument.

If she gets annoyed that I took this step; I will outline my reasons as follows.

Those saying Biafra is a scam because Nnamdi Kanu betrayed her threw away a bathwater with the baby; a baby is inside a baby-bathtub with dirty water, they saw the baby in a bad bathwater and instead of throw away the bad bathwater or carry the baby and replace him in another bath water, they threw away the baby with the bathwater. The baby will eventually die and such innocent baby deserves not to die because of the bad bathwater.

Biafra is the baby and the bad bathwater is Nnamdi Kanu; Biafra is inside a bad bathwater, why not throw away the bad bathwater (Nnamdi Kanu) and replace it with a fresh one? It is most unfortunate that most people instead of settle down and look for alternative, they decided to angrily fight Biafra instead of fight the satanic agent in Nnamdi Kanu destroying or derailing Biafra.

We must sort our fight or carefully position our arrows to hit the right target; Nnamdi Kanu is a delicate traitor and he is in the middle of innocent people, if you carelessly throw a bomb, you will destroy the house and innocent people in it and this is why picking a traitor like Nnamdi Kanu must be carefully done. I saw a critic saying Biafra will never come; simply because Nnamdi Kanu has failed, isn’t that a foolish critic?

The objective is for the traitor to taken out today, but what option do you personally have for the people of Biafra or what option are you grooming for the people of Biafra? When you are fighting a traitor like Nnamdi Kanu without investing massively in another option, automatically, you are helping the traitor achieve his aim, which is to derail and neutralize Biafra.

Nnamdi Kanu has taken Biafra for a lucrative business and the business will remain open as long as he continues telling the people stories on his radio. The few Biafrans following him are kids on social media while others in Europe have their different targets. You don’t stop Nnamdi Kanu’s rogue struggle for his pocket by discouraging Biafrans that Biafra cannot come; you do that by establishing an alternative.

Most of us have gone out of proportion to saying that Biafra is a scam whilst that is a lie; Nnamdi Kanu is a scam but Biafra is a reality that will be restored in no distant time. We must desist from saying things that will discourage Biafrans, rather, we must use the opportunity we have to strengthen their resolves and make them understand the traitor is preying on their emotions and gullibility. We need to make them understand that an alternative is on the way and the need for them to embrace that alternative instead.

We have LNC, BNC, BRM, RBI, MOBIN, CGG- you can choose from any civil Biafra groups you are pleased with their modus operandi and project Biafra instead of making the people entirely lose faith and believe Biafra is a scam- thus discouraging the people. If you are not pleased with any of the groups; we can speak privately and you have the opportunity to rightly invest in the struggle to save our people from the hands of the traitor.

Throwing away the baby with the bathwater is not an option. We are poised for the day of glory; we are not relenting and nobody should derail the restoration of Biafra in error or allow the traitor succeed in his merchandise.

Ifeanyi chijioke is a freelance/investigative journalist

Writes from Enugu


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