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Opinion | Emene massacre and the hypocrisy of mourners ~ By Ifeanyi Chijioke


Growing up; I had no interest in Biafran struggle, especially during the reign of Uwazurike, I considered agitation for a sovereign Biafra a pure waste of time. Early 2006; I began to hear Okigwe Massacre and other massacre. I reviewed the struggle for independent Biafra in 2015 and got convinced that it is a possibility and then, I embraced the struggle.

Since 2015 I identified with the struggle for our sovereignty lost in 1967; I continued to hear all titles of massacre, Okigwe Massacre, Onitsha Massacre, Nkpor Massacre, Igweocha Massacre, Asaba Massacre, Aba Massacre, Umuahia Massacre, not to mention but few, it is a reoccurring event. Even as I write today; another massacre is being hatched and the naming is subject to location of the massacre.

Journalists are ready to report; columnists are ready to write, analysts are ready to analyze, mourners are standby to mourn, the police is ready to make a press release, the group massacred are on standby to release a press statement. This last massacre; Nnamdi Kanu who led the boys into massacre prepared a long note, ranting trash as usual.

Each massacre comes with different mourners; Ohaneze Ndigbo with different sentences, ADF with improved grammar, online dogs with endless barking. Amnesty International would spice it up; the next day, they all go home and eat, drink and enjoy the warmth of their various wives and husbands. Another massacre is on the line and they are ever ready to mourn and release press statement.

‘Every sane or right thinking Igbo man must condemn this massacre’ some will open a long book of touching essay. Life goes on; the massacre is done, now on the list of previous massacre. Okigwe Massacre is the most dreadful of all; IPOB lost just twenty one people, I used the word ‘just’ not as disrespect but to point that we have seen worst massacre.

Emene massacre is done and dusted; placed where other massacre were placed, life goes on, struggle continues and very soon, another massacre will happen, everybody will repeat same reaction and another happens, the reaction continues. Who is deceiving who?

Please; do not mourn our dead for us, thank you so much, we appreciate your mourning; we understand you care but please, hold your pity and cry for yourself. Did Nnamdi Kanu stop eating and bedding his wife? Did you writing long epistle stop eating and bedding your girlfriend? Did you close down your shop because of Emene massacre? What exactly did you do if not rant on facebook and on the street or in a beer parlor with a bottle of Life beer?

I prefer a man that told me to stop agitating for Biafra to stop this massacre to a mourner that cried and told me we must continue. The only person worth embracing is a man that did not mourn but say enough is enough, not audio enough is enough, I mean practical enough is enough- real one.

Nnamdi Kanu is the winner; with this massacre, he is in the spotlight again, people are talking about his IPOB because nobody knows that poor boy that was killed. He is writing and attention fixed on his radio rant the next day. The more the massacre is the attention Kanu gets; he had begun to tell the people that he wants to react, he needs another guns and bullets, more money would come and he would pocket as usual. Many people are charged; it’s a new avenue to appeal to them, money for burials and self defense, in the end, another massacre is on the way.

The best way to respond to this massacre is confrontation; the best form of defense is attack, until we stand on our feet and say enough is enough, these people will continue to massacre us and new titles will continue to trend. Nnamdi Kanu is a traitor who cannot challenge these murderers anymore; he can tell you nobody sees his soldiers, he actually has nothing to offer.

Nnamdi Kanu has compromised to the point he cannot defend members of IPOB; so, the best approach is to trigger alternative. There is alternative to stopping another massacre; until we act, the massacre will continue and we will remain hypocrites. We mourn to pretend we are hurt when we are actually not interested in stopping the hurt. We are nothing but hypocritical mourners; please, take your pity to your household.

Those that died have died and they cannot be brought back; what are you doing to stop others from being massacred? Absolutely nothing; right from the comfort of your rich home, you said “We must continue” – continue to be massacred until Biafra is restored. May Amadioha never withdraw the sword of vengeance upon your families- all of you so-called leaders leading our men to worthless deaths. And may God bless the man that will offer our men glorious death via weapon of self defense to end this massacre.

Ifeanyi Chijioke is a freelance/investigative journalist

Writes from Enugu


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