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Opinion | Nnamdi Kanu should close ranks with the Southeast leaders by tendering a heartfelt apology to them

By Kalu Nwokoro Idika


Constructive criticism is one of the hallmark of vibrant opposition in every democratic setting. Besides, the practise of modern representative democracy is arguably unthinkable without having a diehard opposition. A healthy opposition must be on ground to monitor, caution and redirect erring leaders before they leap into the threshold of authoritarianism.

When insincere leaders trembles at every minor criticism and start persecuting dissent voices, then freedom of expression will be in jeopardy. Renowned leaders who succeeded during their epoch paid attention to wise counsel and were never flippant with words. They were men of few words but laced with unquantifiable actions.

This expository analysis is born out of love and concern for the leader of IPOB who mischievously felt that freedom fighting can be approximated to a one man show. By sitting on his franchise radio to bark, malign and abuse leaders of thought in the Southeast region, he thought his utopia nation will emerge spontaneously from the sky. Needless to say that he is a man that is fighting a good fight but with wrong approach. Freedom fighting is not a one man business. It takes the collective efforts of the oppressed people to overcome the oppressors.

Nnamdi Kanu by now must have learnt his bitter lessons. Experience must have taught him that in the art of freedom fighting one must curry the complete support of all and sundry to succeed. Kanu squandered his goodwill by abusing and devouring into pieces individuals who would have given him the needed logistics for his mission. That was why when the caliphate devourers came there was no one to stand for him. The people who were supposed to protect him went back to their shells because of his constant blackmails against them.

Leaders of thought in the Southeast of Nigeria for the past 5 years have been battered and treated like chicken shit by Nnamdi Kanu and his overzealous thugs masquerading as followers. Elders from the region are now a laughing stock in the eyes of everyone. Respect unfortunately has been thrown to the dogs all because a man on his malicious radio told them the elders are Fulani slaves. Our brainwashed youths took it upon themselves to hunt down their fathers for immediate execution. What a confused generation!

The grave wound IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu have inflicted on Ndi Igbo will take many years to heal. The quest for power and control made the same IPOB to ambush senator Ike Ekweremadu at Germany and molested him. A distinguished Senator was humiliated and tossed around. Instead Nnamdi Kanu to reprimand his rampaging thugs, he mounted on the radio and began to brag and appreciate the scoundrels that attacked Ekweremadu. Not only that, he repeated with so much audaciousness that what happened to Ike Ekweremadu was a tip of an iceberg. On the same toxic radio, he threatened Ohaneze Ndigbo not to hold any gathering again and anybody that dares him will face his wrath. What a man! What a dictator!

But what borders me most is that after spitting fire and thunder, he is still in exile. The same people he thought he could swallow are the only saving grace he is left with. Though I have heard some of his followers murmuring that he is not in exile and that he can come to Nigeria whenever he likes. What a cock and bull story. If indeed Nnamdi Kanu can return to Nigeria freely without any form of confrontation from the powers that be, why didn’t he return for his parents burial? Truth is gradually becoming an abomination in the midst of men that professes to be whiter than white.

What most of us don’t understand is that If there will be any kind of consultation by the power brokers in America and Europe concerning the plight of Biafra, they can’t consult IPOB. They will still fall back to these leaders of thought who are being abused and battered on the radio. IPOB should wake up from their slumber. This is not a matter of emotions and sabotage.

I’m not happy that Nnamdi Kanu is in exile. He is a brother to me. I will like to see him return back to his home. He must close ranks with the Southeast leaders by tendering a heartfelt apology to them because of his over bearing actions. Pride and arrogance should be kept aside. These leaders are the only people that have what it takes to ensure his soft landing.

Nnamdi Kanu should not allow his clumsy followers to delude him because I over heard some of them say, “how can my supreme leader Nnamdi Kanu beg the Southeast leaders who are slaves”? Don’t let primordial sentiment to deny you a second chance. Reach out to these elders, close ranks with them so that things can move forward. Your expertise is still needed but not in this present form we are seeing.

After closing ranks with the Southeast leaders, there is another urgent work you need to do, which is the total overhauling of the mental configuration of your followers. Their approach towards civil issues calls for a serious concern. No nation can grow with such barbaric and bitter minds. Some of the abuses they throw on people that disagrees with them are product of your broadcast on your franchise radio. You must reposition them. Their attitude have destroyed the 2% progress you made since 2015. No country, lobbyist or diplomat will take IPOB serious considering the unsavoury disposition of it’s members and leaders.

In conclusion, be wise and close ranks with your fathers. I was kind of disappointed when you announced on your radio that you are extending a right hand of fellowship to the Southeast governors. That is not the way. You should have done your underground work as a student of politics before coming on air to say it. Those governors will only take your words as one of those usual jamborees that replays on your radio. Use your lobbyists if you have any to negotiate and close ranks with your fathers. They need you and you need them.

Kalu Nwokoro Idika is a writer and investigative journalist



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