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Opinion | The flag that sunk over 3.5 million lives and a fool’s madness ~ By Ifeanyi Chijioke


There is a flag no longer billowing in the wind; the bloodiest flag in human history, a flag lowered just after three years it was hoisted. This flag was soaked in tears and blood; sweat and gnashing of teeth, starvation and pains, deprivation in all spheres of life, the flag sunk all kinds of unpleasant experiences to billow for just three years.

Biafran flag symbolizes suffering; commitment, determination, faith, doggedness, astonishment and everything positively unimaginable. For this flag; men stood on their feet for three years and fought unbelievable war. Mothers and fathers watched children stricken by kwashiorkor without retreating; men fell by the road side and others matched on for this flag.

By changing this flag without yet accomplishing the mission we set out is the handiwork of a traitor. The traitor is doing everything possible to keep us busy and distract us. This flag represents millions of soul unable to rest in peace; we must give them peace before changing their identity. One thing left for them is this flag and the flag must remain sacrosanct.

This flag is a sacred flag; it is who we are and it represents everything we ever were and will be, this is an untouchable flag, a flag that will forever be honored and hold dear to us. We spilled our blood; we lost our wealth, efforts of many years gone up in flames and the flag became the only identity we ever had and sustained. We must achieve Biafra before tempering our flag; the traitor must wisely be put under check.

Few weeks ago; I read on social media platforms the attempt to temper with this flag, the so-called leader of IPOB whose treachery glitters and who will go down in history of Biafra struggle as the worst of the traitors is considering tempering with the flag.

None of the family members of Nnamdi Kanu tasted the war or partake in the pains of the war; little wonder he considers Biafran flag a thing of play- something he can wake up after bedding his numerous girlfriends to alter. By indicating that his shattered IPOB will change a sacred flag we have sacrificed millions of lives shows the height of his profanity against this struggle.

While men were falling in the war front; his father cunningly retreated into women’s quarter and making babies for the nation. Nnamdi Kanu has the temerity to disrespect Biafran veterans with opposing views even when his father did not take part in the sacrifice- the insanity of the so-called and self-styled leader of IPOB is mind blowing.

What has his IPOB achieved to even think of tempering the sacred flag of Biafra that is the identity of everything we are? Everything can be touched; Biafrans can be killed by his IPOB, he can set up and lock up Biafrans, sack and misappropriate funds but to temper the sacred flag of the people is madness taken too far. Every sane Biafran that honors the dead and victims of 1967 must as a matter of duty discard the idea of tempering a flag that is more or less the identity of our pure and unadulterated history.

We are indigenous and we are Biafrans; we acknowledge our history but Biafran flag, pure and unadulterated is unchangeable. The divine inspiration that brought about this flag in 1967 gave us freedom of worship and everything beautiful in that flag. God is a rising sun and a sunset; by attaching the Star of David, not only is Nnamdi Kanu childishly dividing his IPOB members along religious line but proving his satanic mission to derail Biafra.

A star is very far from a rising sun; sun and star cannot be in same sky- place- scientifically and otherwise, Nnamdi Kanu is only being stupid and unreasonable. Attaching a star to a rising sun is a product of sheer ignorance. Not only is Nnamdi Kanu showing signs of madness; he is also joking with things he should not joke with. Some said he just decided to play or whip up a debate; for Christ sake, what kind of debate or play with a flag that sunk 3.5 million lives? Until Nnamdi Kanu is neutralized by the spirit of Biafra as his parents were neutralized, he would learn a lesson.

Another argument from Nnamdi Kanu was that Star of David was first discovered in Biafra land; for that reason, adding Star of David is justified. Because we helped Nnamdi Kanu to fame; few people think he has a brain, without knowing most of the things he lecture on his radio platform were what was shared or lectured to him by our people. How could a man with brain wake up in the middle of nowhere and attach Star of David to the flag being fought for by a secular people?

We have Christians fighting for Biafra; we have Muslims, Odinani and Jews, the wisdom therein is to maintain the status quo until the mission is accomplished. Nnamdi Kanu thinks he is wise; when a pinch gets fed up; it challenges its god. So; a dunce like Kanu thinks the likes of Frank Opigo, Odimegwu Ojukwu and the rest of them that designed Biafran flag were stupid to have avoided attaching a select religious symbol to the flag? Oh, the mugu thought Ojukwu and Opigo were not aware we migrated from somewhere or shared ancestral bond by virtue of artifacts and fossils in Aguleri?

Nnamdi Kanu is a product of cowardice; which he would remain until Biafra is restored, a glorified kid without any iota of wisdom. He has not come close to getting Biafra and he is already laying claim to everything. He wants to change Biafra flag; change the way we reason and the way we perceive things because he is the supreme leader, our personal lord and savior.

Although he met a stiff opposition to changing of the flag but that is not enough; he deserves to be stoned and abused for his stupidity. A criminal that has nothing but confusion and idiocy to give the people; the wind will soon blow and the cotton will be raised.

Ifeanyi Chijioke is a freelance and investigative journalist

Writes from Enugu


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