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Opinion | Uche-Mefor and the mockery of integrity

Uche Mefor knew the struggle for the restoration of Biafra is stagnant; with words upon words on propaganda radio bringing a fleet of false hope to the wounded people of Biafra


Integrity is contextually herein defined as doing what one said- insistence not to change one’s moral principle or code. Illustratively, when you say you will be a good man in a particular situation, integrity in the context is upholding what you said. Although; we are human beings and we are subject to change; but even in a circumstance of change, we can still retain our integrity. Integrity is transferable and moveable but remains unaltered.

Few years before I demystified Nnamdi Kanu; I was fighting for the traitor whom I wrongly believed Biafra would come through, time proved otherwise and I transferred my integrity. I did not go back to alter anything I said about Biafra, I simply made it clear after assessment of facts and figures that transfer of integrity is paramount to the restoration of Biafra. Circumstance, revelation or time can transfer integrity but cannot alter it.

Going further; I pronounced that Biafra sovereignty is the prize of the war of extinction and continued marginalization of our people, and in keeping with my integrity, I worked with Nnamdi Kanu to achieving that only for him to betray Biafra; I did not wither, turned to Nigeria or lose my integrity, I stood strong on the path of moral principle to ever be genuine to the struggle and had to sustain my integrity by ensuring the traitor is substituted for another genuine leader my integrity shall be trusted upon. Integrity is standing on the watch and against all odds- maintaining one’s moral principles and in this case, moral principles towards the restoration of Biafra.

Back to our topic; Uche Mefor the deputy supreme leader of IPOB self-righteously chose a self-convinced moral and principled path and believed he was fighting a moral and just cause when he began to make explosive and exposing Facebook post regarding the struggle under his deputyship- a path he chose in the best interest of Biafra, eschewing his interest and that of his boss. His actions were justified by thousands because he was only expressing his opinions without gagging or forcing others into conformity.

He made it clear while preaching his presumed gospel that he is a man of integrity, truth and practice and his persona cannot be extinguished because he is selflessly on that path because of millions of Biafrans that lost their lives. He polished his character to the point he began to attract lovers of truth and they followed him as he outlined his personal submissions. He made his followers believe he is a man of truth that cannot take anything less than truth. Accused of erecting a cabal within IPOB; at least, that cabal was able to write truth and proffer solution to the current logjam in the struggle. Uche swore to to be a man until money came calling his name.

Uche Mefor knew the struggle for the restoration of Biafra is stagnant; with words upon words on propaganda radio bringing a fleet of false hope to the wounded people of Biafra. Witnesses are there for the purest narrative but when a leader like Uche Mefor admits that religious sentiment, words without action and false hope were destroying or have destroyed the struggle- the message will pierce deeper than those of the witnesses. What motivated Uche Mefor to dare was something extraordinary and when approached to stop, he demonstrated his unfortunate integrity was the brightest of all by insisting truth must be spoken.

Integrity is easier professed than practiced; Uche Mefor mocked his self-acclimed brightest integrity among the agitators for the restoration of Biafra when the said integrity did not last a minute of a whirl wind- truth went dumb. Not only did the integrity bow to the wave of the whirl wind from money-desert; the cowardly integrity delisted and dusted every trace it had. I have never seen such a shy and funny integrity; if salary could make Uche Mefor delete his integrity put to words on his Facebook page, what can life’s financial opportunity do?

Uche Mefor’s integrity came to action and his monthly salary was suspended; he stood his ground but after few months after, the integrity fell like a pack of cards.

The terrible truth about truth is- those who say the truth are always on the run and they stand alone and he doesn’t have the heart to sustain the piercing arrows saying the truth comes with. Uche Mefor has mocked integrity by going back to his Facebook page and deleting all the integrity he put to words.

Unfortunately for the cursed members of IPOB; those are the kinds of leaders they have or waiting to restore their version of Biafra. Nnamdi Kanu was arrested; he jumped out after negotiating his release and accepting conditions- men of thousand faces without fortitude to endure and see to the end of tunnels. Uchemefor deleted everything he wrote on his Facebook page because he negotiated his salary. Idiotic members will keep replenishing the business with their lives and hard-earned money while business radio owners feed on the profit.

Ifeanyi chijioke is a freelance/investigative journalist

Writes from Enugu


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