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Opposition To Performance And Witch Hunters – Emmanuel Nicholas 

These are very interesting times. Akwa Ibom people are both repelled and intrigued by the images of cold-blooded, conscienceless image murderers that are increasingly populating our opposing  forces in the state. Propaganda and falsehood has assumed a different level. Lies appears to have been institutionalized. Even people who ought to know are relishing the falsehood, as long as it serves their selfish interest and purpose. Anything goes. 

I should not be misunderstood, any Government without opposition may not be a responsive government. The tendency will be that such government will become tyrannical. Most of its decisions  may not be people oriented. Opposing views give every government activation to govern the state guided by transparency and accountability. 

The opposition’s major objective is to add value to governance.  But when the opposition views become a tool of witch hunting , it devalues governance thus making opposing views invaluable and  its impact on governance an illusion.

A well coordinated opposition that is not politicised is responsible  for  putting  the ruling party and government is check from misusing their powers. The Opposition Mounts pressure on ruling Government to perform better every time so that they can prove themselves better than the opposing party. And without the opposition party, the ruling party has less chance of better performance due to less competition. Lastly, the Presence of opposition party assures that citizens are provided justice always.

 Opposition becomes offensive , when it derails from his primary objective of being a watchdog of the system to becoming a witch hunter of  good governance. In Akwa Ibom State,  Many times opposition party tends to hinder the work of ruling party, hence hindering the progress of  the State . 

People are often misled by the Opposition party, APC , as their competition gets unhealthy because they peddle false information about the ruling party PDP, it’s Government and her projects. 

When Governor Udom Emmanuel wanted to a build power switch Station at Nsikak Edouk Avenue, the All Progressive Congress,  APC,  in Akwa Ibom State raised alarm , that his  Government is indulging in a project that provides windows for money laundering .

Today the residents of Uyo , the  State capital are enjoying 22 hours of electricity and APC and it leaders being part of the beneficiaries are now  singing a new song of praise for the Governor Udom Emmanuel administration . 

Let me attempt to bring some of their commendations , Barr Edet Eyo, the Publicity  Secretary  of the All Progressives Congress, in a radio interview in Uyo said Governor Emmanuel deserved thanks for saving him and thousands of others the stress of buying fuel every day for the purpose of fuel for their generating plants.

In his words, “Governor Udom Emmanuel has done very well in terms of electricity supply in Akwa Ibom State in the last few months.”

The APC image maker said, “It has really been improved at least from 3 hours that was the case before to about 18 to 22 hours per day now. I thank him for doing that because I no longer buy fuel to run generator.”

“We are really enjoying an improved power supply in Akwa Ibom State.” Barr Edet Bassey, APC publicity Secretary said on Planet FM radio.

Another APC chieftain Obong Inibehe Otoho was more emotional in his assessment. He said, “whoever is responsible for this constant electricity in the State should be appreciated” 

Otoho said ” I had thought that it is only my children that will enjoy Nigeria. I have been proven wrong. I hope it continues. For months, electricity is interrupted for only 3 to 5 minutes whenever it happens!”

Another commendation worthy of note is the applause of Senator Ita Enang , the Seniror Special Assistant on National Assembly matters to President Buhari on planet FM said “I came to Uyo two days ago and power supply to my home and environs is almost 24 hours ,I’m impressed and wish it gets to the entire State , Governor Udom is doing well in that direction” he concluded .

But this is one project the opposition in the State  fought with every tool of blackmail to stop, but today,  they are part of the beneficiaries and are shamelessly singing a new song without any iota of remorse, nor apologies to Governor Udom Emmanuel and the people of Akwa Ibom for trying to mislead them by misinformation. Sad

The recent outburst and evil machinations by the opposition party in Akwa Ibom State over the proposal of Government to remodel the State Governor’s lodge in Lagos , without considering the decaying and sorry State of the facility  is a case of witch hunting. To make it sweet and alarming to the public ,they increased  the funds budgeted for the project from 1.2 billion to 9.1 billion Naira without conscience . 

Let me attempt to run a analogy of how the Lagos lodge will be of economic benefit  to Akwa Ibom State. Almost all  government agents in Nigeria visit Lagos regularly for the purpose of running government businesses . If the Governor of Akwa Ibom State visits Lagos fifty times in a year and spends about a million Naira  per trip for accommodation and Two million Naira for his aides . So in a year the State would have spent more than one hundred million Naira yearly .

Apart from the Accommodation expenses  for the Governor and aides ,the State will also spend money in paying for meetings venues, assuming the Governor was to meet with Diplomatic corp , business community and indigenes of the State resident in Lagos .

These meeting venues in a year would cost the State in a year a fortune that will be more expensive than the accommodations  and it may cost over two hundred million Naira yearly .So considering such cost imperative remodeling the State Lodge for one billion and five hundred million Naira that is just the cost of five  years spending of the State without the Lodge Remodelling .

But spending our State resources on hiring hotel facilities and meeting venues instead of using such funds to upgrade the existing facility and giving it  a model that will resemble the image of Akwa Ibom State  and  save the State a fortune , Injecting it  to other sectors  . 

Though Governor Udom Emmanuel is not perturbed by these manipulation,  as the saying goes, when the opposition gives you lemons, make lemonade. This is because the Governor has the ability to turn any negatives given to him into positive situations.  

Governor Udom Emmanuel means well to effect reforms. He is focused on performance and  transformation.  This is the Governor’s  mantra. He is very keen and pursuing the development of Akwa Ibom State in all spheres  to ensure he leave the  State better than he met it . 

The Akwa Ibom APC are full of psychopaths.  A dramatic example  of the psychopath is Iniebehe Effiong.  He has Individual  personality disorder and he is fully aware of the consequences of his  actions and knows the difference between right and wrong. Yet, he is  terrifyingly self-centered, remorseless, and unable to care about truth hidden under the sleeves of his heart . His  call for protest is a timid mission of seeking cheap popularity and using the weak mentality of touts who may wish to join him in such indefensible exercise . 

Governor Udom Emmanuel’s proposal to remodel the Lagos lodge is to help in cutting down the cost of Governance, increase internally generated revenue, enhance the image of the State through a beautiful and modern  structure and  attract investors .

In Nigeria , Lagos is the financial nerve of the country and one of  the most industrialised States; and it serves as the first hub for private sector practitioners and diplomatic missions . For every State that wants to develop fast as Akwa Ibom,  there must be a liaison office to serve as contact point  and a lodge to serve the head of Government as residence and meeting venue. Let us stop politics of destruction, and instead, play politics of development.  A good opposition helps in building a nation but not in the reverse.

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