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Orji Uzor Kalu: Tales Of An Unfortunate Servant

By Desmond Cruz


“You are hereby sentenced to 12years imprisonment” declared the judge.

To many the news of Orji Uzor Kalu’s conviction came as a huge surprise. To Many, it was just a mere “AUDIO” conviction. But whatever the case maybe, the truth is, Orji Uzor Kalu has just began a journey to the wilderness of no return. A lonely Odyssey where only but few can survive. He has begun a journey to the path wherein Late Governor of Bayelsa State, Alamyiesigha (forgive my spelling) once treaded and never returned.

For safety and security, Orji Uzor Kalu found solace in the awaiting arms of APC, like the Uncommon defector, he defected with the hope of finally concealing his shady deals.

Unlike others, Kalu refused to learn the rope upon joining APC, he became too garrulous and menacingly loquacious. Now, the stage is set for him to go down into political oblivion.

The judgement of today sentencing Kalu to 12years imprisonment is not just connected to his #7.6 billion Fraud charges but there were other surreptitious premises upon which that judgement was built.

Firstly, apart from Kalu being a “Sinner” in the midst of a “Saintly” comrades in APC, he joined the party and began to question the status quo.

How dare him? Who does that? Kalu pugnaciously challenged the daring decision of the leadership of APC to handpick certain persons as leaders of the National Assembly. To him, he was fighting to protect the interest of himself and that of Ndi Igbo.

Kalu vehemently stated without equivocation that “Nobody had the temerity in APC to stop him from contesting for the Leadership of the Senate, at least for Deputy Senate President”.

Indeed, the day Kalu made that statement was the day the Verdict/judgement read in court today was typed and processed, awaiting pronouncement.

Like the game of thrones, Kalu was reminded of his many sins by the leadership of APC and he was hoodwinked into stepping down for the office of a Chief Whip.
Kalu thought he had won, not knowing that winter is coming and the armies of dead are regrouping.

Just recently he was rumoured to have been nursing a presidential ambition ahead 2023, a rumour so strong that threatened the Foundations of Winterfell and the dynasty of the Lannister’s family.

Like the smart Peter Bellish (little finger)of game of thrones, Tinubu, the Jagaban, Lord of Bourdillion and King in the West made a statement recently suggesting that Orji Uzor Kalu had what it takes to be a Leader. A statement too diplomatic to be treated with a kids glove.

Whatever there is to this newest travails of Kalu, the irredeemable truth is, Kalu stepped on toes and his sins have become too impregnable to forgive.

Whatever the case maybe in the coming day, the truth is, Orji Uzor Kalu’s political history will never be the same henceforth. I hope he appeals his case soon with a stronger reason to be acquitted.

I feel for Ndi Abia, whose Senator will henceforth attend Senate Plenaries from the precinct and confines of his prison room.

How are the mighty fallen!!!

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