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Orlu Senate: Abuja Imolites Rally Support For Nwadike

In the spirit of the new “not too young to run”, and in a bid to infuse new blood, brain and energy into our political system, Imo Youths Professional (IYP), and residents in Abuja have thrown their weight behind the senatorial ambition of Comrade Precious Nwadike, for Imo West senatorial zone in 2019 and pledged to make the project a success with cash and manpower.

Making the declaration at a reception and business parley organized for the youth activist, Publisher and aspirant at Resident Hotel, Gwarinpa Abuja, on Monday June 19, 2018, the Imo Young Professionals (IYP), Abuja chapter, their friends and other enthusiasts declared it expedient to respond to the clarion call to install one of our own generation in the Upper Chamber, to speak for us and described Comrade Nwadike “as voice of the people, a fearless youth, a passionate and people oriented leader of the 21st century”.

In his address at the Parley, the convener, Comrade fidelis Achibiri, stated that the aspirant has the wit, strength and capacity to represent the youths of Imo state in general and Orlu senatorial zone having been able to withstand the machinery and cabal of failed government to silence him from speaking the truth and stated “we have gathered for the right cause “our Orlu project”, which is achievable and we believe in it”.

He called on Imo youths at home and in diaspora to shake hands across the borders of Orlu and Imo at large to make this venture a reality, and warning without any fear of misconception that “the present crop of leaders have failed across board and we in Imo can no longer uphold its values and pride of good leadership and “today our dear state has become an object of ridicule, and the centre can no longer hold”.

The youths averred that this must end and true compatriots of our state cannot continue to sit on the fence and watch leadership degenerate further but put a common front with fearless leaders to achieve a common goal and restore the sterling leadership stride in Imo and Nigeria at large.

He queried, “should we continue to succumb to lies of the old political gladiators in Orlu or bring a generation shift for which posterity will remember us, hence we cannot keep mute on finance which is the grease to oil the machinery of our endeavour”.

Finally, the youths in their speech, borrowed from the wisdom of late Ikemba Odumegwu Ojukwu, who advised us, “not to confuse champions for leaders nor prominence for pre-eminence neither we confuse silence for wisdom, we must not confuse good looks for efficiency, bravado for courage and must not confuse politicians for leaders”.

Comrade Nwadike is a leader who should be helped up the ladder of the peoples pinnacle.

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