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Oshiomhole: 17 irregular members of Edo ward executive lifted suspension

By FCC Onwuasoanya

  • The ward Chairman was not part of the meeting that lifted the suspension
  • Could the meeting be said to have been properly convened
That the expelled APC Chairman, Adams Oshiomhole could run to a splinter of the same Exco he unilaterally and illegally dissolved for a reprieve, should tell you that some of our leaders are not completely ignorant of the rules like we think, but are propelled by a most audacious impunity.
They believe they could break the law at will and nothing would happen.
Do not be surprised to see Oshiomhole trying to resume office on Monday with this lifting of suspension as a reprieve.
However, there are things we need to understand about this;
Being that only 17 out of 27 members of the ward executive actually sat to lift this suspension, will the action stand the scrutiny of law and jurisprudence?
Being that the ward Chairman was obviously not part of the meeting that lifted the suspension, could the meeting be said to have been properly convened?
Only the Chairman, through the Secretary could convene an executive meeting and in a situation where the Chairman fails to do convene a meeting, a given number of the Exco could mandate a convening of an Exco meeting. Was this number met? Were the conditions that could warrant the invocation of that provision in the Constitution met?
Assuming all these were in order and the lifting of suspension deemed proper, does it vitiate a subsisting ruling of the Court of Appeal affirming his suspension?
My thinking is that with this development, Oshiomhole in person or through a proxy may approach another High Court to seek an order empowering him to resume his functions as national Chairman of the Party, and recognizing the lifting of his suspension. This could be an abuse of court processes, but does it really count, here?
On the other hand, a member of the Party from his ward or elsewhere may as well approach the court with a suit challenging the authority of these 17 individuals to lift the suspension on Oshiomhole.
However it goes, it is more obvious that our Party’s crisis is worsening rather than easing.
I restate my appeal to leaders of the Party to wield into this matter and seek ways for lasting solution. If we wait for the courts to resolve this obvious stalemate, we may end up with a dissembled broom at the end.
May APC Survive!

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