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Oshiomhole’s allegation: Taking Desperation to an all-time low

Adams Oshiomhole is notorious  for his excessive love for lies and false allegations.  At the commencement of this era, he made several allegations that…

The fear of defeat is one of the worst form of phobias that can possess a man. It makes him to act very irrationally, forgetting the rules of social and governmental  conduct. 

That is the position   that the outgoing governor of Edo State has found himself.

Before I proceed, I like to make one point quite clear:

Mr Adams Oshiomhole is notorious  for his excessive love for lies and false allegations.  

At the commencement of this era, he made several allegations  that remain  unsubstantiated  till date. 

Like former Minister of Finance, Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala said, this is a man who is lacking  in  integrity.

Also recall that Oshiomhole’s commitment  to  lies and false allegations  were exposed when he conducted  the governorship  primary  of his rejected political party  in Bayelsa State.  

The Party’s candidate  in Bayelsa State , Timipre Sylva described Oshiomhole thus: “You are a liar and mischief maker”.

Therefore, there is no reason to take Oshiomhole  seriously when he makes allegations  out of political  phobia. 

However, it is necessary  to set the records  straight. 

Secondly, the position  of the Rivers State Government has been well-articulated by the State Information Commissioner, Dr Austin Tam-George. 

Dr Tam-George said in a statement in Port Harcourt that claims by Gov. Adams Oshiomhole of Edo that the two governors donated N2 billion to rig the election in favour of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) were false. 

The commissioner said Wike never made such financial donation.

“Governor Wike has no links with militants in the region and anywhere in the country,” he said.

Tam-George said that the governor gave moral support to the PDP candidate in Edo to win the election.

He stated that Wike would continue to give moral support to democratic forces, not just in the region, but across the country, to bring better life to Nigerians.

Outgoing Governor of Edo State, Mr  Adams Oshiomhole  made one of the most outlandish  allegations ahead of the forthcoming  Edo State Governorship Election.

He told the leadership of the Nigerian Union of Journalists  (NUJ) that His Excellency, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike (CON) , Governor of Rivers State and his Delta State counterpart, Senator Ifeanyi Okowa were exporting  militants to Edo State for the purpose of disrupting the scheduled  polls.

Without equivocation, this allegation  is completely  false and an attempt by the failed outgoing Edo State Governor, Mr Adams Oshiomhole to divert attention  from his unpopularity and rejection by the good people of Edo State. 

It is regrettable  that  the  failed outgoing Edo State Governor would choose to make false and unfounded allegations  against his colleagues  from the PDP, simply because  they were in Edo State to campaign  for  their party on a day when the President  and 12 APC  Governors also visited Edo State  for campaigns. 

Adams Oshiomhole  is the architect  of the rejection of APC in Edo State and there is no reason why he should pass the buck to other South-South Governors campaigning for the PDP . 

Was Adams Oshiomhole expecting the Rivers State Governor to campaign  for  the  APC?

This subtle blackmail  of using deliberate falsehood  against the person  of Governor Wike  to divert attention  from  his  political  failure will not yield electoral dividends  for Adams Oshiomhole.  

During the 2015 General Elections, the PDP won the Presidential Election in Edo State  as well as majority of the National Assembly seats. 

It goes without  saying that Edo State  is PDP. Just like the other states of the South-South. 

Furthermore, it is completely  untrue that Governor Wike  contributed to a N2billion fund to ensure the defeat of APC  in Edo State.  

This is one of the many lies of Adams Oshiomhole.  Nigerians  are conversant  with his love for cheap lies to make newspaper  headlines. 

For the avoidance of doubt, Rivers State is one of the few states  where salaries  have been paid up to date. 

As at today, Civil servants  in the state have received  their August 2016 salaries.  

It is necessary  to  inform  Outgoing  Governor Oshiomhole  that the  Wike administration  inherited 4-months unpaid  salaries  and  eight months unpaid pension  from the immediate  past APC administration  in the state, which it settled. 

Governor Wike is a testimony of good governance and the judicious application of resources.  

In about 15months, his achievements in Rivers State  outweigh Oshiomhole’s  eight years in Edo State.  

There is no basis for comparison.  

If Oshiomhole  had utilised the Edo State  resources judiciously, the people of the state wouldn’t  have been angling for PDP  and chanting ‘Change the Change’ every step of the way.

Mr Oshiomhole’s political  misfortune  is entirely  his own making. There is  no  reason why he should  attempt to rope in others .

At this stage of the nation’s  political  journey, Mr Adams Oshiomhole must be told that his lies and false allegations  can no longer attract political  benefits  for him in the Niger Delta.  

Here is a failed governor  who has mismanaged  the financial  and human capital  of  his state thinking that lies will save his political career.

The people of the Niger Delta  cannot be deceived.  They know their leader and that is why they listen to Governor Wike. 

Since assuming leadership in Rivers State, Governor Wike has redefined  governance  in the region , transforming the lives of the people  through meaningful  application of resources . 

That is why in Edo State  and other South-South States his voice is respected. 

That is why across the country, he is regarded as a true voice of development.  

In this dispensation  when the party Oshiomhole  promoted has failed Nigerians, the people are confident of the patriotism and candour of Governor Wike.  

They are prepared  to  stand with  him every step of the way.

As Oshiomhole  goes into compulsory political  retirement  in Edo State, it behooves him to for the first time in his political career learn the first steps of being truthful.  

Enough  of his destructive lies!

Simeon Nwakaudu,

Special Assistant to the Rivers State Governor, Electronic Media


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