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Our Ancestral Lands can’t be overrun ~ Akintoye


An elder statesman and Ooduduwa Republic self-determination Yoruba scholar and activist, Professor Banjo Akintoye, has vowed that the Yoruba would never allow foreigners to overrun their ancestral lands.

“Yoruba people are in danger that they never experienced in history. This is no time for politics but a time to defend a fatherland.

“All Yoruba political actors seeking political posts and queuing up for 2023 are living in fools’ paradise and should come to terms with their correct mindset.

“This is a time to defend Yorubaland and not seeking for election as if Yorubaland ceases to exist.

“Whom do they want to govern?”

“The Yorubas would never allow their ancestral land to be overrun by foreigners.

“We are a unique people in all aspects of life and our resilience and hospitality as Omoluabi which the Fulanis are now taking for granted are all God endowed and should not be taken for fear or timidity.”, Akintoye enthused.

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