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Our politicians and Sarakis have finished ‘witch-hunting us

Mr. Saraki, President of the Nigeria senateThroughout last week, we were treated to the “telemundo” featuring the

dramatis personae of a certain Mr. Saraki, President of the Nigeria’s “hallowed” chambers; ‘frontline’ politician, and two time former governor, and scion of the Saraki ‘politidom’.  Medical doctor by training, though not many can say they have been his patient in any known medical case.

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Many may have forgotten very quickly that he was even a Presidential candidate. Same man who only few weeks ago, was being praised the one who stood up to his party the APC, and by extension the Federal Government.

He has survived the Financial Crimes Unit of the Nigerian Police; his wife has been guest at the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, with a few Senators as guides. He is same that brought Zimbabwean farmers into Kwara state years ago, although not one of same farmers are anywhere to be found to tell the story.

For those who do not know, he installed the current Kwara governor, and has a sister who is a heavy politico too, who’s photo trended few years ago clutching over six phones in one hand.

So, the man Mr. Saraki is not fresh beef, he is the one, accompanied with his likes, kept the entire nation on watch, everyone became a lawyer and counsel, either in support of, or for and against. Even the presidency had to deny it had any hand in his travails.

And yes, to the main part, the part where witches were involved, after all this is the land where witches were once alleged by an ex-minister to be responsible for poor power supply. In this case…Saraki was believed to being hunted by witches.

So, what is it about witch-hunts? Witch-hunt also witch hunt (wĭch′hŭnt′) n. An investigation carried out ostensibly to uncover subversive activities but actually used to harass and undermine those with differing views. Also an intensive effort to discover and expose disloyalty, subversion, dishonesty, or the like, usually based on slight, doubtful, or irrelevant evidence.

The above is entirely correct in respect to the Saraki saga, to the point that the only area of departure is that rather than Mr. Saraki being the subject of the witch-hunting, Nigerians on the contrary have again shown their capacity to be hunted by the likes of Saraki and co.

People, who have stolen the monies that should have been used to better our standard of living, are sent to jail, should we be worried at what the definition of bench warrant, or the warranty of guilt should be, or that they are sent to the gallows?

We cry that politicians are corrupt, and we also apologize to them when they are charged, and defend them, when they hunt each other.

Was it that we were all blind to all those senators that sat at the Code of Conduct Tribunal CCT, or blind to the fact, that none of them would be at the trial of one of their constituents, but they all shamelessly sat there as a fellow witch was being hunted by another witch?

So I ask: do we know that the Sarakis constitute less than 3% of the population but they are the real witches? We have them in every state, witches that tell poor women in Edo, “to go to hell” or the one in Nasarawa whose convoy harass the masses. We now know them witches who were busy building websites with funds from the public till, and the witches who even won elections while owing salaries.

After all an ex-witch and former president—has a farm that generates millions a day or month, and his former vice, another witch also has a university that rakes in millions in tuition and fees, fear?

Being a witch first is lucrative, until one is hunted by a fellow witch—No one sees anything “witchy” when people die in stampedes, while rustling for rice at the Sarakis annual bazar, or it is not witchcraft when ex-governors go home with more than 6 cars as send-forth gifts to themselves.

The witches called politicians know most of us only want a measure of salt, rice, few yards of cotton materials with their heads on the fabrics. They know us, they know we cannot do without them, some of them feel without their heads, or mischievous smile on papers no one would buy the morning newspapers. Or if they are not at the CCT, we won’t listen to the news, they know we feel humbled being crudely entertained and hunted by their witchcraft.

They know we are gullible, we love life and cannot resist their Isi Ewu and bottle of Gulder politics in the East, neither can we go far from the amala and obe ewedu welled laced with assorted beef in Ibadan, and for us up, the more Tuwo Shinkafa the more we nod positively to their lies.

How we do not know that we are the ones being hunted by the crass crudity of the inhumanness of our political class is only as strange as witchcraft itself.

That as a result of their witchcraft, while it was not raining, they offered their umbrellas and when the rain comes, they collected it back.

Mr. Saraki and his ilk know that all he needs is to play his game well, so we are caressing him, and in our foolishness we are wailing witch-hunt to the high heaven.

We have expended time debating not about the witches flying but how they fly, where they should fly to, who owns the flying space rather than face reality that we are pawns, we pretend to know when we really do not know. Sadly when we know, we refuse to talk and the witches know and use same knowledge against us. So we are all over ourselves defending all types of witches.

I end this admonition reminding us that the only time a politician is telling the truth, according to Alfred Nueman is when he calls another politician a liar. Let Saraki be docked, charged, let him defend himself, whether the CCB started late, or is being telemundo-ed, let us remember that when a man wakes is his morning, and what goes round, sure does come round.

Is the Saraki drama an offer of hope that, the witches convent may be about to set itself ablaze in Nigeria—Only time will tell

Prince Charles Dickson, a Freelance Journalist, can be reached via 2348033311301, 2348184880370, Alternate Mail: pcdbooks@outlook.com, Skype ID: princecharlesdickson

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