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Over-exploitation of graduating students in tertiary institutions: KWASU

Kwara State University“He who fails to contribute his quota towards the quantum leap of the society is not but a disgrace to his entire generation”. The spirit of activism and comradeship in

us will never deviate NACONS from the core value of serving God through humanity .This piece is neither an attack on any personality nor entity but a call from the protection of justice and advocacy of Human Right.

Our attraction has been drawn to the exploitative practice of Kwara State University in Malete on the mandatory payment of hostel fees by the convocated students of the citadel of learning which we describe as “INJUSTICE”.  Our memories are fresh that the Kwara State University held its maiden convocation three months ago strongly hoping that the convocated students would be mobilized for NYSC.

Unexpectedly, the institution brought an exploitative policy which has never been experienced by any institution in the globe.

“You can only furnish consideration for an offer you have accepted”. 

The mandatory payment of N45,000 is seen as “WICKEDNESS” of Kwara State University because the students during their sojourns on campus didn’t stay in the school hostels. Without any form of contradiction, the payment s tagged “BRAZEN EXPLOITATION”.

An average student who could afford to pay N45,000 as the hostel fees is now mandated to pay N45,000 for an unused apartment by the student, it is seen as “ILLEGAL PAYMENT and DUBIOUS”.

If the school management wants to pay its staff, oppressing and frustrating students is not the remedy and can never be the remedy.

The payment if not done cannot impact negatively on the students but on the image of the school. KWASU is seen as a state institution not a private institution; so as a result, the mandatory payment of N45,000 hostel fees is nothing but “Outrageous and Ferocious fee”.

In strong term without any reservation, NACONS holistically condemns the compulsory payment and make it mandatory on the convocated students of the institution not to pay a dime. Mobilization for NYSC is not a plight for the students and can never be a delay to their future engagements because of the school “Extortion policy”.

The introduction of the fee is extortion in its entirety and it is a violation of the Rights of the students. The Right to dignity of human person is a fundamental which is constitutionally recognized in S34 of the constitution: “No person shall be subjected to fortune or in human or degrading treatment”. The treatment is inhuman, barbaric, unacceptable and totally oppressive and it is our irreversible principle that disrespect for Human Rights is an affront to fairness and rightness which is an anathema to the societal growth and development.

KWASU is not the first state institution and can never be the last.

Osun State University is there without any exploitative agenda, though also in financial quagmire. NACONS wholeheartedly considers the mandatory compulsion of hostel accommodation as “MISTREATMENT” even if the imposition is the interest of academic excellence for the students. The State Government of Kwara has both moral and legal responsibility to interfere to this present situation because the institution is owned by State Government in State of Harmony.

We therefore command the school management as a matter of urgency to dance to tune of the students by giving them certificate without payment of cruel hostel accommodation fees.

It is a warning! If the school management fails to yield to this warning in one week time which begins from the 21st September, 2015 NACONS in conjunction with other students’ bodies that believe in the spirits of activism and justice will stage a strong peaceful protest against the school management and consequently approach a competent court of law for redress on Fundamental Rights Enforcement.

Habeebullahi Olasupo is the current chairman of National Congress of Nigerian Students, Kwara State. He can be reached on 08162239050.

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