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Over to unknown gunmen in the East

Most officers that fought for Biafra in 1967 were once serving Nigeria. Immediately Ojukwu declared Biafra, they knew the game has started and they resigned from Nigerian Army/police to fight for their fatherland. Today, such people are being killed. The story is pathetic but Unknown Gun Men have reduced roadblocks in our land even though many have died. The only thing deaths of our people gave us is fewer roadblocks. There should have been a prior announcement before striking police/army, so Igbo officers can withdraw. And there should be serious agitation on the horizon before striking. Not radio rants and propaganda.

These days; I find myself on my car throttle, always on the road and reaching out political and business-wise. Except high risk places or military concentrated areas; Southeast and Southsouth now experience significantly minimized police roadblocks. From Enugu to Onitsha; it is no longer as usual; barely do I see police harassing, demanding driving license from me or demanding One Hundred Naira settlement. At least; the activities of unknown gun men have instilled roadblock discipline in Nigeria police force in our land. I sincerely applaud unknown gun men for this singular gain. Suffice it to say; this is the only thing we gained from the activities of unknown gun men at the detriment of our lives.

In Imo state; a woman trended on social media for the wrong reason, she was accosted in her farm and robbed. The truth is; unknown gun men will buy guns, they will eat, take home to their families and also enjoy life when they are not in action. We have good brothels and hotels; with good looking women sampling everything that was made to be hidden. The woman just paid what could be well described as security levy to unknown gun men. Illegitimate organization can only forcefully have their way; and unknown gun men did what was long expected.

Let us assume the woman was attacked by other criminals; unknown gun men will still take the blame because when police are pushed back into their shells, it presents a better atmosphere for criminals to wreck havoc. It is not about making our communities fragile; it is also about controlling the consequences of our actions. Nigerian police is a useless institution but no matter how useless they are; when armed robber hears police is stationed here or there, they operate under pressure and sometimes withdraw out of fear. This is where the problem lies.


It would surprise you to know that even unknown gun men do not know their mission and this is buttressed by the tag. When tagged unknown gun men; you are simply seen as a common criminal wielding gun for the sake of your criminality. Members of IPOB have often indicated by way of reaction that they are responsible for it. This buttresses my position that IPOB is a group of desperate people that don’t want to accept their failure and re-strategize. For a man to be successful; you must admit failure when you fail and start afresh until your goal is achieved.

The worst thing that can happen to a supposed freedom fighting group is when you start answering unknown gun men. As a freedom fighter; you are into a thing of pride and must always be proud of what you do. Being unknown gun men is common criminality; you abuse the privilege of being a freedom fighter and above all; you demonize and abuse the cause. Nnamdi Kanu is a desperate guy and out of desperation; he is bound to spoil our common ideology. Any desperate man needs a stopping. Nnamdi Kanu could not do anything, he decided to spoil everything.

The major problem with unknown gun men is; they have no mission and nobody knows the reason for their activities and neither do they have any demand. In a worst case scenario; they should be able to say, this is the reason we are killing or are they killing for the fun of it? If unknown gun men is about Biafra; they should be bold, enjoy it and know that being a gun wielding Biafran is a thing of pride but very insulting to hide behind unknown gun men which instead made him ordinary criminal.


I have keenly been waiting for the federal government of Nigeria to decisively address the case of unknown gun men but they kept mute and I have been studying the situation to finding out why only state governors acted. I have only read the IGP once; saying Southeast/Southsouth should caution their youths. Surprisingly; a verbal warning was the only action the federal government was able to muster.

It pushed me to finding out more; I have seen the names of victims of Unknown Gun Men and realized the majority of servicemen being killed are Biafrans and the states the childish and headless attack is brewing is our states. It dawned on me that the federal government was rather happy with the development; Buhari is probably saying, let them kill their selves and make their states a hell as long as they are not asking or fighting for Biafra. As long as Unknown Gun Men did not mention Biafra or doing anything because of Biafra; federal government of Muhammadu Buhari is very excited and willing to help unknown gun men ravage our land. State of emergency is the destination.

The only problem federal government of Nigeria sees in our land is Biafra agitation and they would quickly land here and start shooting everybody if it is about Biafra. They don’t have problem with self-inflicted insecurity, unknown gun men and whatsoever you call yourself. As long as you did not call yourself Biafra; my brother, you are licensed to run your business and even get loan from the government. Unknown gun men is a gift to Buhari.


IPOB members have largely tagged activities of unknown gun men ‘Revenge’ citing some of the killings that happened in the past. Nnamdi Kanu argued that police officer is a police officer and responsible for the killing of IPOB members. He also tagged unknown gun men as prayer answered; saying IPOB members killed shall be avenged.

I know most hardcore Biafrans in Nigerian army and police; the very first day killing of police officers began, a serving soldier who is waiting for a real Biafra agitation to start called me. He asked me what is happening and why are they killing Igbo police officers and soldiers. He further warned me to talk sense into the criminals killing officers to stay away from Igbo officers because they in the police and army are more Biafran than them. Fortunately for Nnamdi Kanu; his sister serving in the Nigerian police force is in Abuja where these unknown gun men are not operating.

Nnamdi Kanu is a failure and circumstance has proven to a wise man that he has nothing to offer in the future and cannot do anything today. Igbo serving officers in the Nigerian police/army have not seen serious agitation and cannot rightly resign yet. They are willing to fight for Biafra but do you expect them to resign and start protesting and ranting on social media with nothing to eat; in the end of every month, they start begging for One Thousand Naira like most IPOB members do today?

There is no serious agitation going on anywhere and it is stupid to already start killing those that would help fight for Biafra in the name of unknown gun men. Nnamdi Kanu is simply a traitor that is fighting against himself. He is a confused man that doesn’t know where to place his hands and unknown gun men is a good distraction but in the end; Biafrans will win.

I want to use this opportunity to apologize to all the Biafrans serving in the Nigerian army and police; who are surviving and waiting for the Biafra they can fight for to forgive our misguided brother. They should be very careful these days and hang in; we are coming and we are coming for good. The traitor has come to spoil but the soul of Biafra is in the hands of God. You all should remember; a man will die only when appointed unto him to die. So; be strong, men are coming and the flag of Biafra shall be raised high for all to defend and fight for.

Ifeanyi Chijioke- Independent/Investigative journalist

Writes from Enugu


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