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Oyigbo residents in Rivers State flee from city, accuse gov. Wike and Nigerian army of premeditated genocide


Following the destructions that greeted the #Endsars protests in Oyigbo Local government Area of Rivers State and the unfortunate invasion of the city by the Nigerian military, the residents of Oyigbo have accused governor Wike and the army of premeditated genocide.

Undercover investigation by ElombahNews has unmasked some disturbing development in the city. Many families were in deep tears as they mourn the death of their loved ones killed either by stray bullets or murdered point blank by the rampaging military.

Despite the dusk till dawn curfew imposed by the executive governor of the state, Nyesom Wike, the Nigerian army has continue to act contrary to the rule of engagement by invading into peoples private homes, beating and shooting them all in the name of fishing out the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra accused of killing some military officers and snatching unverified number of AK 47 rifles from them.

Some of the residents who spoke with our undercover reporter but doesn’t want their names on the print because of security reasons narrated their ordeal in the hands of the military.

“I was heading to a popular area called TRAILER PARK along Portharcourt Enugu express way where I usually do my business as a single mother. When I got there, we were rounded up by the military. They ordered all of us to lie down. The women were separated from the men. The military officers who were speaking in Hausa langauage brought out their koboko and descended on the mothers like animals. Many were crying and bleeding, but it seems the whole cry fell to deaf ears. We were released after they noticed that some mothers fainted because of the torture given to them.

“As for the men, their hands were tied behind their backs and they were beaten with all manner sticks and iron. It was a horrible experience that I don’t even pray for my worst enemy to encounter, a victim said.”

“Oga see, look at this mark on the wall of my house, it was caused by a stray bullet. Someone in my compound was hit, he almost died because of excess bleeding. There was no means of taking him to the hospital. The roads are under lock and key, immediately the military sees you from afar, they will open fire on you automatically. I’m wondering if we are in a war zone?

“In this popular axis called Afam road, a lot of innocent young men have been murdered all in the name of searching for IPOB. Wike is committing genocide in Oyigbo against his own people”, another victim told ElombahNews undercover reporter.

Another victim who escaped being hit by a stray bullet recounted his ordeal.

“As you can see, me being alive today is a miracle. I was sitting in front of my house when a stray bullet landed on my window, shattered the glass and landed in my living room. Thank God nobody was inside when the incident happened.

“Because of the genocide that is going on here, I will be leaving with my entire family back to the village by tomorrow. We don’t want to die like fowl. It is now clear to all of us that governor Wike wants to drink blood. Go to the major roads and see how dead bodies are littered everywhere! Innocent people are being killed under the guise of IPOB. This is just bad”.

Moreover, when this reporter contacted the chairman of the local government to react over the unconventional actions of the military officers in the city, he could not pick his call or respond to text messages sent to him.

A close ally of the chairman told this undercover reporter that the hands of the chairman are tied as there is nothing he can do to help the situation at the moment.

However, the commissioner of Police in the state, Mukan has ordered the proscribed Indigenous People Of Biafra to leave the state as the security agencies will continue to hunt them down.

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