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Panama Papers: TB Joshua is after my life – Nicholas Ibekwe

So after a story I authored, which revealed that T.B Joshua and his wife incorporated a shell company in offshore British Virgin Islands, a known tax haven, was published yesterday on Premium Times, the preacher’s issued a statement with my photograph on his Facebook page TB Joshua Ministries.

Instead of addressing why he needed to incorporate a company with no physical address in a notorious offshore jurisdiction, he played the victim and directly threatened me.

He told millions of his followers across the world that I’m the head of gang that has been attacking his ministry after the September 12, 2014 incident.

That’s when a refurbished building in his premises collapsed and killed 116 people, most of them South Africans and the role I played in revealing how he bribed other journalists.

I consider this an open threat to my life, those of my family, friends and colleagues at Premium Times.

I’m not naive. 

T.B Joshua is perhaps the most powerful preacher in Africa. 

Exposing his misdeeds will attract this type of angry reaction and maybe consequences. 

I perfectly understood what he did by posting my photograph to millions of his followers. 

T.B Joshua has deliberately painted a bull’s-eye on my back and chest.

I fear for my life and I no longer feel safe.

Religious hyenas, his fans and church members are already tearing me to shreds on his Facebook Page. 

One of them even threatened to beat me up and break my legs.

T.B Joshua also thinks by posting my pictures and falsely accusing me being the leader of a gang trying to destroy his ministry, he can intimidate me into silence. 

He thought wrong. 

In case he and his followers missed the memo, I cannot be silenced. 

If I have anything incriminating about him tomorrow, I shall publish it again.

People have said all sorts of things about the preacher and how I should to go into hiding and protect my family. 

I appreciate your concerns. 

Last year 75 journalists across the world were attacked and killed for doing their jobs. 

So I understand your concerns. 

However, my job as a journalist is to speak truth to power. 

I shall not abdicate this role.

Above all, the reason I’m posting this is to let the world know that if anything untoward happens to me anytime, people should know where to direct their queries. 


Nicholas Ibekwe

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