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Pastor Enoch Adeboye, Day of the numeric Palindrome, human rights and insecurity in Nigeria ~ Augustine Togonu- Bickersteth

By Augustine Togonu- Bickersteth


Simply because i witnessed the day of a numeric Palindrome, almost immediately I caused to be served 54 packets of food to 54 economically challenged persons .


So I would like to know how major general Sam Momah arrived at 54 provinces for Nigeria and july 29 ,54 years after the counter coup.. of 66. He was 77..why the number 54…? Late pastor gabriel olusegun oduyemi of Bethel ministries, Lekki gave me the number 94 for testimony, I would not testify. 94 which is the number of the element plutonium used in Nagasaki,Japan ,exactly 75 years today. Atoms for peace.just a coincidence I am writing today. Just a coincidence my shop at adamasingba shopping complex, Ibadan was number 94!

The Sahara reporters had it that on February 2 2020 (02 02 2020) the day of the numeric Palindrome, the mathematician or if you like the man of numbers, Pastor Enoch Adeboye general overseer of the Redeem Christian church of God worldwide, led a protest march on human rights and insecurity in Nigeria. The day of the Palindrome 02 02 2020 happens once every 909 years.so security wise I am wondering if it was deliberate on the part of pastor Adeboye to choose the day of the numeric Palindrome to protest insecurity and human rights asituation in Nigeria. On the protest march Adeboye refused to speak. This was unusual.was he leaving the day of the numeric Palindrome to speak for itself? It is said that God is the master mathematician. Book of the week. As,How to solve it by G polya. For mathematical and non mathematical problems. Polya was born December 13..just like our first woman helicopter airforce pilot

Just as I am wondering whether security wise it was deliberate that on the day of the numeric Palindrome 02 02 2020,published was, the book titled,Cinema and unconventional warfare in the 20th century,insurgency, terrorism and special operations. By Paul B.Rich

I had read an article in the Vanguard by a certain David Ommeje an analyst extolling the virtues and technological innovations of the Army by the efforts of Lt Gereral Buratai, Nigetias chief of Army staff only a few hours later l stumbled on the book titled, GOLIATH,why the west isn’t winning and what we must do about it by Sean Mcfate,professor of military strategy. National Defence university USA . Hm David and Goliath .

David Omneje combined good knowledge of science and tech with Impressive knowledge of defence and so is reminding of two journalists years back at the Nigerian Tribune, Tunde Owolabi for science and tech with the nigerian flavour Philip Oluwole Ukanah on Defence reporting and features. Interestingly Philip oluwole ukanah left to edit a church newspaper perhaps that was his own way of saying blessed are the peace makers because in a letter I wrote I lambasted him for being too excited at the technological innovations of the Biafrans.i have lost contact with Tunde Owolabi.

Still on science and tech reporting there was oseun ogunseitan editor if African science monitor. The Service chiefs need to ask him about the way to solve the problem of the hydra headed monster as he presented in one edition. The hydra headed monster is such that if you cut off any of its heads two heads would grow in the place of one head chopped off.

Now what professir Mcfate is saying is that Nollywood has a significant place in Nigerias defence strategy .

What the chief of army staff should do is set an objective for Nollywood and the same for the army and see who is better able to realise the objective of stemming the tide of insurgents,kidnappers and bandits.war belongs to the cinema screen not to the forests or deserts or canals or the seas.

The modern soldier fights with his mind not with his muscles, muzzles or the awesome. Fighting machines

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