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Paying for ‘ghost criminals’ with Anambra funds is illogical – APC

The offer by Willie Obiano to pay the hospital bills of those injured in the during the May 30, 2016 fracas in Nkpor and Onicha area s of Anambra State between

pro-Biafra activists and security agencies, is deceitful, provocative and illogical.

It is deceitful because Obiano government which said the demonstration was illegal can neither boast, has not furnished, and till date does not know the identity of those whose hospital bills he wants his government to pay, at a time when allegedly for financial reasons, common entrance examinations cannot hold in the home state of Professors Chinua Achebe and Kenneth Dike.

It is provocative because the same government has made the same motions without movement in the past when issues involving the life of Anambra State citizens and residents are involved. We have seen Gov. Obiano collude with some security agencies to take precipitate action on the properties of Anambra citizens without trial and have watched him give the impression that Anambra human life is worth nothing.

It is illogical because the same state government had in earlier statements claimed that those killed, injured and arrested in the reference conflict were not from Anambra State and were criminals.

We also recall that Gov Obiano once promised to rehabilitate 25 prisoners with N25 million to no avail. W also remember the public donation of his salary to no transparent update.

To vote Anambra State money to the treatment of those the state government called ‘criminals’, whose names identity and current location the government has not taken pains to first establish is to rate the awareness of Ndi Anambra below Nineteen century standards.

We are led to conclude that Gov Obiano does not fully understand his duty of protection to his citizens and has not applied same in a manner that will be fruitful for life and happiness in the state.

We urge the Obiano –led APGA-controlled state government of Anambra State to take steps to return to the basics and establish who and who were killed , who and who were injured and who and who are in which custody ,following the May 30 ,2016 conflict ,as we are dealing with human beings here, not chickens.

Anything short of that may be a double jeopardy for the state which not only has not accounted for its citizens, but may lose money in the process of treating ghost ‘criminals’.

That matter at hand is too serious for this casual approach.


Okelo Madukaife

State Publicity Secretary

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